‘I love you too,’ she said. As they kissed, the rest of the world slipped away, until it was just him and his Little girl. And happiness. Lots of happiness.



Once upon a time, there was a very naughty young lady with shining locks of golden hair and bright blue eyes.

Goldilocks lived with three big, growly bears, above a den, in a valley, in a secret, magical kingdom called Liberty.

Their house had changed a lot over the past month. The three bears — being impatient and demanding — had made sure that Goldilocks was very, very comfortable in their home. Now that she lived with them, and shared her love with all of them, they’d decided to make one very, very special, extra-extra big bed.

Sometimes, when they all had the time, they’d sleep in the bed together. Goldilocks was always in the middle of the bed, surrounded by the big, muscly bears, who protected their Little Girl like their lives depended on it.

Next to the big bed was a much smaller bed, which is where Goldilocks’ stuffies slept. Or at least, wheremostof Goldilock’s stuffies slept. The overflow were stored on a couple shelves that Shay, the brown bear, had built in the corner of the room.

The bears still had their own beds, of course, and Goldilocks took it in turns with each of them.

Her three bears were called Conor, Finn, and Shay. Conor was a barman, who was learning mixology. He’d decided that he was a natural showman, and wanted to add a dramatic element to his bar work. He’d also recently qualified for an open water swimming competition, inspired by a bear friend of his, Bjorn.

Shay was a chef. He’d been inspired by his love for Goldilocks, and his newfound openness and honesty with his brother bears. His inspiration meant that he’d been coming up with new recipes, cooking in a more delicate way with edible flowers, microherbs, and other fresh ingredients.

The biggest transformation, though, was with Finn. He’d been a poorly bear, suffering from a really bad cough. Goldilocks — who worked as a doctor — had cured his symptoms entirely. But the real change was in his writing. Yesterday, he’d self-published his first-ever story online, and overnight he’d sold three copies.

Sometimes, Goldilocks was a very, very good girl. Other days, she was very,verynaughty.

Like today. Today she’d been very, very naughty.

‘But Daddy,’ she whined, ‘I didn’t think that poopcountedas a naughty word.’

She heard the sound of a heavy bear paw smacking into her reddening behind.

‘Don’t make it worse by telling porkie-pies, Tam-Tam,’ said Conor. Sometimes, the three bears called Goldilocks Tammy, or Tamster, or Tam-Tam. Sometimes, they even called her Sugar Bug.

‘What is a porkie-pie?’ she moaned, as Finn stepped up behind.

‘It means a lie,’ he replied, before adding a second slap to her tingling butt.

‘And you’re not meant to tell those, are you?’ said Shay, coming forward to take his turn. He smacked her the hardest, but let his hand rest on her buttock for a moment and then squeezed. ‘Look how wet she is,’ he said to his brother bears. ‘It’s outrageous that she gets off on this, don’t you think, boys?’

She squirmed as she felt Shay pushing his thick thumb between her pussy lips.

‘I’m sorry,’ she moaned, ‘I can’t help it. It still hurts, though. I’m still learning my lesson.’

‘Listen,’ growled Finn, ‘she wants more, doesn’t she?’

‘You think we should give her what she wants?’ asked Conor.

‘That depends. What do you want, young lady?’ Shay asked, moving his thumb slowly in and out of her pussy.

‘I want,’ she said, before gasping with pleasure, ‘for each of you to fuck me. And then, when I’m full of your cum, I want you to tuck me into bed and read me my favorite story. Except, I think that the three bears should spank Goldilocks in the story, don’t you?’

‘I don’t know,’ Conor growled. She could feel his cock, pushing up into her belly from below. ‘Only Daddy Bears do that.’

‘Alright, Daddy Bear,’ she moaned. She felt something else in her pussy — Shay’s hungry cock, pushing her lips far apart.

As the evening progressed, and as each of the Daddy Bears had their wicked way with Goldilocks, making her moan and yelp with pleasure and pain, she marveled at their differences — each one nothing like the others, but each one just right.

* * *

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