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“That’s not really an apology.” She bites back her small grin that maybe wouldn’t look like a grin to someone else, but I know her face. I’ve studied it more than anyone else’s, and I’ve only known her for a week.

“I guess I could always show you how sorry I am,” I whisper when I’m a foot away from her.

“Yeah… but don’t think—” Before she can finish, I'm scooping her into my arms. She doesn’t fight me, wrapping her legs around my waist as I kiss down her neck and then back to her lips in a way that makes me feel animalistic. I need her. It’s the only way to end the madness in my mind telling me about her every second I’m awake.

“Romeo—” She breathes into my mouth.

“Shut up.” I groan, resting her perfect ass on the edge of the counter, her legs still tight around my waist as my cock grinds against her, just a couple of layers of fabric between us and the heaven that I can’t get out of my head. Her head tilts back, a whimper escaping her lips, and I know I have her right where I want her.

I’m not going to leave this room without fucking her tonight.

I kiss down her throat, watching her spine arch in the mirror. She’s so fucking perfect, every inch of her, from her silky auburn hair to her smooth pale skin to her soft wet pussy that I’m going to bury more than my fingers and tongue in tonight. I trail my lips down, over her collarbone, all the way down to her breast, and I do what I’ve been dreaming of.

I capture her nipple through the lace of her bra, sucking it to stiffness, and I hear her moan in the same instant that her nails sink into my shoulders, making my cock feel as if it’s going to tear through my pants.

Her hands are fumbling at my clothes, and I’m not about to stop her. My shirt hits the floor, and then she’s yanking down my zipper at the same moment that I’m undoing the clasp of her bra, needing desperately to see her breasts in all their perfect, bare, naked glory.

Her fingers run down my spine, pulling me closer, and I kiss her again. She’s soft, sweet, and warm, and I let her push my pants and briefs down, my cock springing against the hard ridges of my abs as I toss her bra to the floor and yank her thong down. It’s as wet as before, and I push her thighs wide, one hand on her stomach to push her backward as I lean down to bury my face between her thighs.

God, she’s fucking gorgeous.She makes me wish I could paint her, her head flung back and her auburn hair dragging over the granite countertop, her back arched and her breasts heaving as I drag my tongue over her clit, lapping and sucking. I want to fuck her, but I want to make her come first. I want her pussy clenching and fluttering when I sink into it, when I–

“Romeo!” Lydia cries out my name as her thighs start to tremble, and I feel a shudder of glee at how quickly I can make her come, how I seem to know her body already. Her arousal is coating my tongue, her clit pulsing, and I watch her shudder and grip the edge of the counter until I can’t stand it any longer.

I need to be inside of her.

I find her lips again, soft and warm, kissing her as I run my hands over her back and the curves of her ass, squeezing. She’s firm in all the right places and soft in others, and I bring her legs around my waist again, letting her feel the hard press of my cock against her thigh, the tip of it leaking arousal against her skin.

When her hand wraps around it, stroking, I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. I graze my teeth over her throat, licking, kissing down her flushed chest until I reach her breasts again and taste her soft skin, her hardening nipples as she strokes my cock faster.

I have a feeling I know what she’s doing. She thinks she can tease me to an orgasm of my own, make me come all over her creamy thighs instead of in her pussy, but unless she tells me no, that’s how this is going to end tonight.

But two can play this game.

I suck her nipple into my mouth as I guide my cock between her legs, pushing the swollen tip against her clit as she strokes me. Lydia gasps, her hips arching to push her pulsing arousal against me. I feel like she’s driving me mad, engulfing me in a storm of passion that I’m helpless to stop. I suck on her breasts, biting, licking as she grinds her clit against my cockhead, and she moans aloud, her thighs trembling–

I need her on the floor. I wanted to fuck her on the countertop, but I’ve changed my mind. For the first time, I want her on her back, her legs around me, driving into her as hard and fast as I possibly can. I pick her up like she weighs nothing, bringing us both down to the tile floor as she gasps in surprise. I kiss my way down her breasts and stomach again as I pin her to the floor, my cock dripping against the tile as I devour every inch of her. I want to taste her again, like this, and I spread her thighs, pushing her knees back so I can see every inch of her swollen, open folds, her inner lips, and hard clit poking out for me to see. She looks like the picture of desire, lustful and exposed, and I run my tongue over her, teasing each bit–her thin inner folds, her swollen outer lips, until she’s gasping and moaning and biting her lower lip, and then I flick my tongue over her clit. I can taste my pre-cum on it, salty and tangy, and Lydia lets out a moan that’s almost a scream as I push my tongue against her.

“Fuck!” She glares at me almost angrily, and I fucking love it. She looks on fire, like I am, like how I feel, and I reach for a condom. I want to slide inside of her raw for just a minute, and then I’ll pull out and put it on. Which is fucking stupid, and I’ve never done it with anyone, but I don’t care. I need to feel her heat against my bare cock, and unless she stops me, I can’tnotdo it.

I need to be inside of her now. I push myself over her, her legs wrapping around my waist again, and I feel her pulling me closer. Her hand wraps around the back of my neck, dragging my mouth fiercely back to hers, and I know she’s given up resisting too.

It’s too fucking good.

Her legs tighten, her wet pussy pushing against me, dragging down my abs and leaving my skin slick with her juices as she angles herself towards my cock. I’m harder than ever–I want to be coated in her, taste her and feel her everywhere, and I lean down to kiss her neck. I feel the pulse of her vein under my lips, which matches the vibration in my chest. Excitable, fast, unstoppable.

In the next swift movement, her elbow swiftly smacks my forearm, causing my elbow to buckle, but before I can fall on her, she somehow flips me on my back. I’m pinned to the floor, eyes growing wide as she slides down my body, the length of my hard throbbing cock, her fingers shoved between her pussy folds as the rest of her slides over me.

Her breasts encircle my cock, and she uses her hands to slide them up and down. My eyes go wide, my breath hitching in my throat with shock.This girl is fucking insane.She can hold her own with me in every possible way, the night made even hotter by this battle of wills, and my hand fists in her hair as she licks her lips, eyes glazed over with purpose and longing. If I’m not careful, I’m going to fucking come before I get inside of her. I can feel my balls tight and aching, the release on the cusp of being beyond my ability to hold it back.

Fuck, she’s so hot. There’s nothing that can stop us. I’m nearly in disbelief of her power over me. I’m sure I’m going to lose it, that I’m going to come all over her fucking tits, and I’m beyond caring. I just need to fucking come.

“Fuck.” I moan. And I do not care if anyone knows what we’re doing in the rooms down the hall. This is magnetic, like nature or gravity. If I’m going to have to live without this after it’s all said and done, I might be completely fucked up for the rest of my life. Because nothing I’ve experienced before this has ever felt this right or this good or this cosmic.

Oh, shit. How the fuck are we gonna stop?



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