She trembles as I release her with a loud pop, shifting to my full height and running my thumb along the slick, dark oval marring her.

Scowling, she tries to push me away, but I grab on to the bowl of the sink and force her to spread her legs so I can wedge myself even closer.

The dress she has on doesn’t allow much room, so I reach down and haul her up onto the counter, then rip the skirt right up the middle.

“Jesus!” Elena squeals, moving to hold the fabric together as I fit myself between her legs. “What the hell is wrong with you? You rejected meyesterday.”

“I changed my mind.”

“You changed your mind,” she deadpans. “Are you seriouslythatfickle?”

“Not fickle.” My fingers find her bodice, and the thin fabric rips with the slightest tug, revealing a lacy, nude bra and matching panties.

The taut lines of her flat stomach rescind and reappear with each breath she takes, and I push the straps off her shoulders, letting the dress pool underneath her. “Completely and utterly deranged, my little Persephone.”

Instead of wilting like a dead flower under the heat of my gaze, Elena straightens her shoulders, pushing her tits into my chest.

My dick leaks behind my slacks, desperate to strip her now and ask questions later.

But something catches in the light; her left eye shines, the hint of a shadow decorating the lid, highlighting broken blood vessels.

Fury swims in my veins, diving deep and refusing to let go, reigniting my main purpose for showing up here.

“Elena,” I say on an exhale, barely able to see past the red blurring my vision. “Where’s your fiancé tonight?”

She swallows, eyes widening slightly.She knows I know.Knows I can see what others can’t.

Licking her lips, she releases her hold on her dress, baring her glorious body to me as she slips off the counter.

“Why are we talking about him? I thought you came here to give me something.” She tilts her head, sliding a hand up my chest, wrapping it around my neck. “I was hoping it’d be a bit more personable this year.”

“Are you saying what I’ve brought you over the years wasn’t good enough?”

“Poetry of others isfine, but I want something crafted by you,Kallum.”

Unsure of why she’s protecting that son of a bitch, but momentarily placated by the feel of her hands on me, I narrow my eyes. “I don’t write poetry.”

Scoffing, she takes a step back, resuming her place on the sink. She spreads her legs and uses an index finger to pull the scrap of lace between them aside, revealing her pretty, pink pussy.

Liquid fire spills down my spine, coating every single nerve ending and thought in third-degree burns.

“No onewritespoetry. Youliveit.Breatheit.Embodyit.” She grins devilishly, licking one finger and bringing it down to circle her clit.

Sitting there, stroking her dripping pussy, Elena looks like the predator here. Like a wild cat who’s finally ensnared her prey and intends to torture it before she brings it the swift release of death.

“They teach you that at the liberal arts school you go to?”

“Youtaught me that. All those poems you left me over the years showed me that art, especially the written kind, exists inside us. Either youarepoetry, or you aren’t. You can’t fake it. Can’t fake the things you feel in the very thread of your soul.”

The thread of your soul.

Her breaths grow fast and shallow, her strokes longer and languid as her hips move in soft thrusts on the counter. My cock is rock hard and angry as hell, ready to sink into her, but my mind is having trouble keeping up.

I want to punish everyone in her life, and the best way I know how is to take what she’s always been willing to give me. To shatter the last shred of innocence she has, take the sacrificial lamb like she begged me to two years ago.

Fuck her mother, her father, the limp-dicked fucker I’m finding as soon as I leave here. Fuck the rules, my past, and this messed up world we live in. Fuck the fact that she’s young and has the entire world at her fingertips.

Undoing my belt with frantic, shaking fingers, I unzip my slacks and let them fall to my knees, moving closer. Her eyes lock on to mine as I grab her wrist, pulling her hand up and sucking her finger into my mouth.

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