Fuck, who I wouldn’t murder just to sink inside that virgin pussy for one goddamn night.

What cities I wouldn’t burn to be able to pretend, for a brief moment in time, that she could be mine.

“Whyare you marrying him?” The question slips out before I have a chance to stop it, deafening in the space of the vehicle.

“What else would you have me do? Defy my father and risk excommunication, or… worse? Jesus, even I have to draw the line of rebellion somewhere.”

Pursing my lips, I lean back in my seat and tap my index finger on the wheel. Unlatching the child safety locks, I unlock the doors and stare out the windshield as snow begins to float from the sky. “Maybe you’re not who I thought you were.”

Her face falls, her heart-shaped jaw clenching as if to keep from bursting into tears.

She moves, unbuckling her seat belt, and her rosy pomegranate perfume wafts my way, causing something in my chest to quake with longing.

“Maybe I just know how to pick my battles.”



I seethe moment Kal’s patience with me wanes; sitting here in his car, I’m stunned too stupid to move as I watch the calm, collected soul I’ve always known exhale from his body.

His eyes darken to a black I’ve never seen, homing in on me with a determination I don’t quite understand.

Pressing my back into the car door, I try to put as much space between us as I can, not wanting to be in the direct line of fire of this feral man.

Sweat breaks out along my hairline, my dress suddenly too hot and too tight for my body, my tongue swelling three sizes too large inside my mouth.

“Get out.” His voice is a sharp growl, cutting me to the bone. But fuck if I don’t like the way it slices against my skin.

“Excuse me?”

“You fucking heard me, Elena. I won’t ask again.”

“What the hell? You forced me to leave the church before I was ready and now you’re kicking me out of the car?”

He reaches across me, pulling on the door handle and forcing it open. My breath catches as his arm grazes my chest, but then he’s resituating himself in his seat and turning the car back on.

One hand scrubs at his clean-shaven jaw, so rough against his skin that it bleeds red beneath his touch.

Violence practically clings to him, itching to be set free from where he tries to bury it in his soul.

And even though it’s stupid, and dangerous, and he’s convinced himself he doesn’t want anything to do with me, I want to be the one who sees him break. Want it to be me he takes his rage out on.

“Make me.”

Eyes bugging out, his chin whips in my direction. “What?”

I shrug, pulling the door shut and shifting so my dress hikes up my thighs as I spread them slightly.

Throat bobbing over a swallow, his gaze locks on my fingers as I glide them up my legs, slipping just below my hemline.

His breathing grows shallow as I continue the ascent, letting out a soft whimper when I reach the lace of my panties.

“Stop,” he grunts, still watching me. Waiting to see what I’ll do next.

Smirking, I slip my index finger beneath the elastic of my underwear, swiping lazily at my seam, dipping between the soft folds of my sex.

Kal’s nostrils flare, his fists curling so tight around the steering wheel that it wheezes under the pressure, and I can’t stop the moan that falls from my lips as I swirl the pad of my finger around my clit.

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