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Chapter Eleven


“You have arranged our flights to London, correct?”

Fuck, I forgot, but my sister doesn’t need to know that. “Of course,” I instinctively reply, tapping away on the airline app I keep on my cell, tapping for a flight first thing tomorrow morning. Not too early, but early enough. “We leave at ten in the morning and have the two front seats closest to the door, just like you prefer.”

“Fabulous. Considering that’s done I’m going to say you and I can have a little rest and relaxation. What do you say, sister?” Galina asks, standing up from the couch in our hotel room. She’s already heading over to her luggage and pulls out her blood red, cutout bikini. I don’t know why she’s asked me when she’s already made a decision. Galina heads into the bathroom and changes. Meanwhile, I put on my gold one piece that has cutouts on the sides. I grab two towels from the one closet and slide on a pair of flip flops, waiting for Galina to be ready. By the time she’s opened the door, she has the same blood red on her lips, added dark eyeshadow with thick eyeliner and curled her hair.

We head out of our hotel room, down the stairs and into the indoor pool. We both head for our favorite thing, the jacuzzi. I dip into the boiling hot water and lean my head back against the concrete, allowing my body to float in the warm, bubbling pool. Meanwhile, Galina thinks this is a great time to go over plans and it causes me to be a bit nervous. “I can’t wait to blow them all to bits, to prove to our father that we honored him in life and death.”

I pull my head off the concrete, narrow my eyes and whisper lowly, “Galina, you can’t speak like this in such a public location.”

She giggles lightly, changing from English to Romanian. “Sister, why are you so worried?” Galina looks over to the pool where a group of attractive Frenchmen are now focusing in solely on my sister and I. “Oh, because of them? We’ll just kill them later after we’ve had some fun. What does it matter?”

From this point on I figure it’s better to communicate in Romanian versus English, so I make sure to continue that. “What kind of fun are you thinking we should have?” I inquire, knowing very well what Galina is thinking. I haven’t had sex in such a long time and I’m finally in the safe zone to be having sex again . . . so I’m going to dive back in so to speak.

I look back over to the group of men in the pool and see how there are blinds drawn down over the windows. One of the men has a glimmer in his eye that causes me to realize he’s nothing but trouble, and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do. He mutters something lowly to two of the men with him and I watch as they walk over to the two doors in the room, pick up chairs and prop them under the doorway so no one can enter the indoor pool.

The one who gave the order has snow white hair styled in an upward fashion to make it look windblown. He has a scruffy, well managed beard in the darkest of chocolate browns and I notice the tattoos spanning from across his shoulders, down his arms, even on his hands. The rest of the men have the same sort of look. What I mean by that is how they’re dangerously mysterious, but pique my interest in more ways than one.

He places his hands over the concrete and pulls himself up, walking up in a stalking manner over to me. I take notice of the way the water drips from his trunks and how I see the outline of his hardening cock. I don’t know this man, but his cock definitely makes me want to get to know him.

The man kneels down next to me and I’m saying fuck it to playing the part of a good little girl. With the way the doors were just locking us in here like caged animals I’d say these men don’t plan on being nice, so I place my hand right over his cock and palm it, twisting my wrist, pressing my thumb along the vein that runs on the underside of his cock. “I’m Jacques, and you are?” He asks, staring at me with the darkest eyes. With one glance I can tell he’s going to give me the time of my life.

“I’m Ivana, and this here is my sister, Galina,” I say, motioning behind me.

“Hello,” She says with a giggle. Sounds of laughter come from behind Jacques, but I don’t bother looking, instead I keep staring into his eyes while I run my hand along his cock. Although, I can only imagine what my sister is doing behind me.

Galina gets up from behind me and walks out of the jacuzzi, “Are any of you looking for some fun like your friend Jacques, here? I’m more than willing to let you venture down . . . different . . .paths,” Galina walks off to the side, where there’s a concrete wall sort of thing that divides the pool and gives some element of privacy. Ugh, thank fuck she went over there. I really didn’t want to have to witness her getting fucked again. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“Oh my God, what is happening?!” A woman’s voice asks, and then I turn my head to see there’s a woman with a man across the way. I keep my eyes on the woman and the man next to her, who’s obviously pitching a tent and my sister walks around the pool to the couple. “What’s going on here is we’re about to have a great fucking time, sweetheart.” Galina strips her bikini off and stands naked in front of the woman, who seems to be in her mid-forties. Even from this far away I can see the woman has voluptuous tits and curves for days. Hell, I’d fuck her.

Jacques grabs me by the face, “Don’t look at them, look at me,” Right now is when I notice the small trident tattoo on the top of his hand, a trident that only a certain group of people can have tattooed on their bodies because it belongs to a French gang . . . and that’s when I realize Jaques isn’t some random, hot, Frenchmen. He’s Jacques Beaumont, their leader.

“I won’t stop looking at you if you agree to do business with my sister and I,” I state, adding on. “I’ll do anything you want me to do if you help us, Jacques. You see, we are much like your kind.” I bring my hand to his and tap on his trident tattoo.

He chuckles lowly, “Is that so?” He inquires, smirking devilishly.

“Imagine it, we could take down one of the largest mafias in the entire world next month . . . if you’re open to it. Regardless, my sister and I will take them down. I’m just wondering if you want a piece of the cake too.”

“I’ve known you for twenty minutes and you’re crazier than any bitch I’ve met before. Of course I want in on it, but later. First, we fuck, and then we talk business.”

The smile that crosses my face is the most authentic one I’ve had in months. I know my father is cheering from the grave, so happy his daughters will finally bring down the mafia that turned their backs on our family.

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