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“Show it to me,” I say to him as I lick his inner thigh, then rest my face on it.

Tieran pushes his underwear down just enough to be able to extract his engorged cock and I sigh happily.

I always loved the rosy, pink color of his skin, but never more than when I saw it on his protruding member. Hard, swollen, veins prominent, and the head shining with precum pooling at the tip.

“Do you want it, Hens?” he asks in a thick voice as he strokes it gently.


Sitting up, Tieran fists my hair and pulls me within an inch of his glorious cock and presses the head against my lips, “Then take it.”

He shoves his dick into my mouth and I gag instantly, feeling it hit the back of my throat. He thrusts his hips, taking everything I can give him and more, giving me no mercy in return.

I reach for his dick and wrap my hand around his. As he fucks my throat viciously, we stroke his cock together.

The salty taste of the precum has already coated the inside of my mouth, but I want more.

I want him to come so fucking hard that he’s all I’ll ever taste again.

He grunts as he violently pulls my mouth off his dick, then shoves me onto my back.

Tieran rips my panties in half then palms his cock as he looks down at me.

“Tell me that I’m the only one you’ll ever love,” he says.

“Always,” I breathe.

With a nod, he looks down at my pale, naked body in front of him. He smiles at my newest tattoo, only a few days old, done by his own hand. I taught him how to work a needle and gave him my body to practice on.

In that way, I guess I’m like Mom, too..

Tieran looks down at my bare pussy, scoots down the bed, then gently presses his lips against my slit.

“Is this mine?” he asks, looking up at me.

“Only yours,” I whisper.

He kisses my slit again before he gets to his knees and grips one of my ankles. He lines the head of his cock against my pussy, then thrusts it into me.

I gasp and instantly grab the dirty bedsheets, trying so goddamn hard not to rip them off the bed when he slams in and out of me.

My tits bounce wildly as my brother holds me in place by one ankle, and rubs my clit with the fingers of his free hand.

“You take me so fucking good, Hens. Your tight little pussy always fucking chokes my cock, pulling it in as far as you can take me and more,” he moans as he fucks me faster.

The sloppy sounds of my wet pussy being assaulted by his cock drowns out the storm that’s threatening to break the already beaten down windows.

“More,” I moan loudly as I blindly reach for one of his forearms.

“You’re never more beautiful than when you’re begging me for this cock, baby girl,” he breathes.

His praise takes hold of my soul as I grind down on his dick, fucking him back as much as I can while he continues his vigorous assault.

“Oh myGod,Hens,” he moans loudly as his grip around my ankle tightens. “I’m gonna fucking come.”

I close my eyes tightly, grinding my teeth together as I keep rolling my hips against him. With each thrust into my body, I close my walls around his cock, heightening his desire.

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