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She bit her lip. “I’ll always know you ripped out that guy’s throat for me.”


“And no one needs to know how I can’t get enough sex with you.”

“I think everyone’s going to know, babe.”

“So the story?”

I shook my head. “Tell it however you want to. As long as I know you’re mine, nothing else matters.”

“Take me now then?” she whispered.

“With the others still in the woods?”

“You said nothing else matters.”

She was right. I started pulling at her clothes, eager to be buried deep inside my new mate. And nothing elsedidmatter for a long while after that.


~ Avery ~

“Is that really…Avery St. Croix out amongst the living?” Cara teased as I settled into a chair in the coffee shop. Everyone teased Jared and I about how much sex we had and how we’d disappear for days on end.

“The almost living,” I moaned, correcting her. The last month had been a crash course on monsters for both Jared and me. What a shock to learn we weren’t walking dead. Our body function had just slowed to nearly nonexistent. Vampires onlyseemeddead.

I dropped my head into my arms. “I’m dying.”

“Are you sick? Aren’t vampires like the kings of health? A bag of blood a day keeps the—”

“Oh God, don’t!” I pleaded, clapping my hand over my mouth.

“You’re not dying,” Neffie said from across the shop.

“I’ve never felt this bad,” I moaned.

The magic wielder’s cool fingers lifted my chin, and she peered down at me. I hadn’t even heard her move. Then again, I was pretty sure she mostly levitated. Her lips pursed and she tilted her head, then angled it again as if she were peering deep inside me.

Finally, she smiled and let me go, patting my shoulder.

“It will pass. Your body will regulate soon. You won’t feel as nauseated all the time, than after a year, it will go away completely.”

“A year? What? What’s wrong with me?”

“To put it mildly, you and your husband fuck like bunnies. I suspect when he was newly turned and still had some humanness in him, and you were not yet turned, he managed to get you pregnant. And now with your severely slowed body function…it’ll be about three years.”

“Pregnant?” I squeaked.

“Very. Your daughter will be here in three years.”


She nodded again, smiling softly. I jumped to my feet and hugged her, excitement thrilling through me. “Thank you! I’ve got to go!”

Flashing toward the door, I burst outside then raced toward my house. Less than a minute later, I raced inside and startled Jared who was programming at the kitchen’s breakfast counter.

“We’re pregnant!” I yelled.

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