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“By something you couldn’t see,” I gasp.. “Something more powerful than you. Something that threw you then came after you again. And did this. More than this…”

“Yes,” Jared whispered, his voice shocked. “How do you know that?”

“I don’t know. Just the other night….I saw it. Here.” My palm smacked to my temple. “I didn’t think it was real. It can’t be real. What I saw… You should be dead.”

“I’m here now.” Jared’s lips urgently covered mine and that spicy taste filled my senses as his arms snaked around me. He clasped me tight to his chest. Too tight.

“Jared,” I rasped, breaking free from his mouth. “You’re hurting me.”

“I’m sorry,” he exclaimed. His embrace immediately loosened. “Are you okay?”


Before I even finished breathing it, his lips covered mine again. I groaned, opening for his tongue’s invasion, absorbing his cinnamon-spice taste, so strong it made my taste buds tingle. He lifted me, driving my back into the wall. I wrapped my arms and legs around him while he ground his pelvis into mine. It was rough, but he wasn’t hurting me. Indeed, I’d never experienced anything like it, even if I’d craved for him to let loose like this once in a while.

“I was thinking of you,” he said, yanking away from the wall and striding into our bedroom. “I was thinking about how all I wanted was be home with you. In bed withyou. Loving you.”

I bounced backward onto the mattress, and Jared quickly climbed after me, his blue aura flickering rapidly as his passion grew. I pulled him to me, needing him close over me again. My husband, here with me and craving me like a starving beast.

“And now you’re here.”

“Yes,” he growled. He pulled from my embrace. He didn’t go far. His hands fisted in my shirt, and he yanked. The sound of rending fabric hissed through the air, my shirt and flimsy bra shredded. My suddenly bared nipples turned rock-hard.

“Jared,” I gasped.

“You’re mine,” he rasped. “Mine. I’m never letting you go!”

He tugged off my jeans, and I reached for him, helplessly aroused by his shocking behavior. My pussy became a river while my clit throbbed with my need for him.

“Tell me!” he demanded as he wedged between my thighs.

“Yours. I’m yours, Jared. Always.”

“Always,” he growled, sinking his thick length into me with no more preliminaries. Tonight, I didn’t need them. I just needed to cling to him while he fucked me with an abandon I’d longed for. He was tireless, pounding into me while I screamed my pleasure, coming over and over.

It wasn’t until hours later that I lay there limp in his arms, wondering how I’d manage to move the next day. My mind drifted. My thoughts scattered along flows of exhaustion and residual bliss. I couldn’t focus on any one thing, though I knew surely I needed to grab onto my questions and ask them.

Jared’s teeth scraped along my shoulder at the juncture where it met my neck. I shivered, waiting, unable to breathe. I almost believed he’d bite me. But this was my husband. My very vanilla husband, who’d rarely consider experimenting with anything kinky. But also the same husband who’d basically just plowed me into the mattress until I couldn’t move.

His mouth pressed to the spot he’d just scraped over, and sucked, no doubt leaving a bruise that would match his marks, but to a smaller degree.

“I love you.”

I smiled into my pillow, content with his body pressed to mine. Was I feverish after our vigorous lovemaking, though? He felt too cool against me. Just like all my other thoughts, that observation ceased to matter, too.

Jared was here. We’d make everything okay between us. Somehow.

“I love you, too,” I whispered, my words a half-sigh as I drifted into sleep. Something was wrong, but I just couldn’t grasp it right now. Tomorrow. I’d deal with it tomorrow.

Chapter Three

~ Jared ~

She’d been ready to leave me. And maybe I should have let her. I didn’t know what I’d become since that attack. I didn’t sleep. I didn’t eat, though hunger plagued me. I’d tried food and become violently ill. Light bothered me. Now, Avery seemed unnaturally warm spooned against my body.

I didn’t move away from her, though being this close only increased my ravenous starvation. I didn’t know what it meant, especially when I craved biting into her. I could literallyhearher heartbeat and the way the blood thrummed through her body. Rapid while we’d made love, fucked actually. Much slower now that she slumbered. Every pulse called my name.Jared, Jared, Jared…

That scared me even more. What had happened to me in that alley? If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was attacked by a vampire. But vampires didn’t exist. I just had brain damage, a concussion or something, from the way I’d been slammed around.

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