“It was just this new drug,” Josh said.

“The chances of it working were slim, but we figured we might as well give it a shot. Otherwise we’d have died and that didn’t seem fun at all,” Troy said.

“Well, I’m very glad you took it. I can’t really imagine the world without you in it,” I said. Josh and Troy chuckled, assuming that I was joking, but I wasn’t. “I really mean it. I know we haven’t known each other for that long, but you’ve been there for me when I’ve needed you and I don’t know that there’s anyone else who would have done this for me. I’ve always struggled to surround myself with people who could be a family. Part of me has always wanted that, to be a part of something bigger than myself. I thought that…something else in my life might give me that opportunity, but now I don’t think it will. I think it’s things like this that have that effect. I think it’s important to make connections with people and to hold onto them.”

As I said this, without meaning to, my hands found Troy’s and Josh’s. I held them tightly and squeezed. I felt the warmth of their hands and our fingers laced together. It felt right holding them both. I sat up and looked at each of them. Some kind of spell came over us; it was as though I was enchanted by the moon and I was filled with courage from some primal, fey source. Josh and Troy pushed themselves up as well. I was in between the two of them and I turned my gaze from one to the other, letting my gaze linger on their soft, full lips, on the eyes that swam with silver, and I could feel myself being pulled to both of them. My own lips parted and my breath rushed out, warm against my cool lips. Still holding their hands, I leaned into Josh and he leaned back, as though we were drawn together in a dance that had already been performed. My lips pressed against his tenderly and I let out a soft moan. His taste lingered and the heat of his breath wrapped around my cheeks and chin. My heart fluttered inside my chest and goosebumps prickled on my skin. I adjusted my body and turned to lean into Troy, who caught my lips in a more passionate kiss. His lips were firm and hard, and I whimpered. I was left dazed as I was caught between the two men.

I remembered the dream. My ancestor, who also enjoyed the pleasure of more than one lover. It felt right. It felt natural. But it wasn’t complete yet.

“Adam,” I said in a soft, clear voice that broke the stillness of the night, “come here,” I said. It was a gentle command, but a command nonetheless. Adam looked up from his flowers, a profound sadness in his eyes.

“I can’t. I’ll only hurt you,” he said.

“No, you won’t. Josh told me what happened before. Your only crime was loving someone who didn’t love you back. I’ll show you what it’s like to be truly intimate with someone,” I said.

“It’s not right. You don’t know-” he protested, his voice trembling with panic.

“I know enough,” I said tenderly. “You’re safe with us. We’ll keep each other safe. There’s nothing you need to worry about.” I held up my hand, waiting for him to take it. He seemed unsure, but eventually he managed to pull himself away from his flowers and came towards us. Josh and Troy both smiled and welcomed him. He kneeled before me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and embraced him tightly, before I kissed him again, this time more deeply than we had kissed before. “It’s okay Adam, you can let yourself go. I’ll take care of you.”

Being with them opened up my heart to a nurturing side of which I had never been aware. I realized then that I had always had a deep need to surround myself with love, and one person would never have been enough, because I wanted to replace the love of a family that I had never had. I looked at the three men and knew I was feeling affection for each of them for different reasons, but there wasn’t one I liked more than another. There was no limit to the amount of love I could feel; it swelled and swelled, but it would never burst. This felt right, this felt natural, and if the only message my ancestor had been trying to tell me was that this kind of relationship was possible then the message had been received loud and clear, and I was grateful for her.

Adam sat in front of me. Josh and Troy had their arms around my body, supporting me like pillars. I traded kisses with each of them, moving between one and another, loving the feeling that came with each one, loving the differences between them. I closed my eyes and started playing a game with myself to see if I could tell which one was which. I’m proud to say I got it right every

time. Our bodies were pressed so closely together that there was barely any air between us. I felt Troy’s hand resting against the small of my back. Josh’s played with my hair. Adam held my hands gently and I was cocooned in their love. Everything went unspoken, as though there was a common understanding between us and we didn’t have to talk about what the dynamic was. Each of us knew exactly what was happening and it all seemed perfectly natural.

I arched my neck back and offered them my neck, enjoying the feeling of them kissing down the hollow of my throat. I felt a hand groping my breasts and I began to ache in between my thighs. My own hands reached out, exploring their bodies, tugging at their tops, running down their flat stomachs, finding the bulges that throbbed with intense heat. I gasped as I felt their arousal and the heat made the air sizzle. The kisses grew deeper, longer, our tongues danced and tingles spread all over my body. My dress was pulled aside. There was a mouth on my breast, sucking at the hard nipple. A hand ran up my thigh, teasing the soft, burning flesh of my inner thigh, threatening to reach my most intimate area. A grunt was in my ear as someone whispered sweet nothings to me and nibbled my lobe. A smile played on my lips at the tickling feeling, but it was quickly swept away by another kiss. I moaned and whimpered as the men blurred together. They were my boys, and I was filled with a deep need to take care of them, and a desire to enjoy them.

I made them take off their tops, exposing their bodies. They were sexy and muscular, but their skin was surprisingly cool. I was intoxicated by the scent of their bodies and my hands delved down, groping their thighs, tugging at their belts. I moaned as they fumbled with their clasps, eager to expose themselves to me, while I spread my legs and grabbed their wrists, pulling their hands closer towards my burning wetness. I bit my lower lip as they touched my most intimate area and I almost screamed, the feeling was so good. Their fingers curled back and forth inside me, stroking me, getting deeper and deeper with every passing moment. The heat flared through my body as though I had been impaled on a fiery spike. My chest flushed and my mind cracked. My eyes clamped shut and I welcomed the intense sensations coursing through my body, as fast as the wind and as electric as a crackling thunderstorm.

Sweat prickled on my brow in the cool night as the pleasure ran rampant between us. Troy and Josh lowered me back and Adam fell forward, for it had been his hands that had been pleasuring me, and now it turned to his mouth. He buried himself in between my thighs and I was surprised steam or smoke didn’t smolder around his mouth for I felt so hot. I clutched his scalp and my body writhed underneath the force of the pleasure, but I couldn’t concentrate on him fully because I had two other men. Josh and Troy kissed and caressed me. It felt as though a hundred hands were all over my body, and I loved every minute of it. I wanted them so badly. I wanted more and more. My appetite was caught in a frenzy and I had a thirst that only they could slake. I cried out for their bodies, needing to be with them, to be close to them, needing to feel them inside me. Adam’s tongue danced. He was a maestro and he was creating a masterpiece between my legs. Orgasmic energy throbbed and swelled and burst through me like a supernova, crashing wildly again and again as I was seized in a world of delight.

I was all ready to take them one by one inside me, ready to lose my virginity to them, but then suddenly the moment was lost.

“Wait,” Josh whispered, his tone harsh and tense. He looked up, as did Troy. They looked towards the building.

“Shit, Elsa, you have to go,” Josh said. Adam looked up, his mouth dripping with my wetness. He looked dazed and saw how panicked the other two were.

“They’ve seen us. If you’re caught you’re going to be in a world of trouble. Elsa, you have to leave now,” Josh hissed. I gathered myself up and fled, running towards the gates through the darkness. The fear laced my desire and although I was disappointed that it had ended so abruptly, I was also delirious and exhilarated at the thought of what would happen the next time. I had broached a new frontier with my three boys and I couldn’t wait to see them again. This was the beginning of something special, and I was filled with happiness.


I clambered over the wall and made my way home, enjoying the peace of the night. I had no idea how Josh had managed to see anyone coming from the house, but I had to be grateful for his keen senses as he had saved my skin. After what happened with Julia, the last thing I wanted was to be seen on the grounds after curfew, although I didn’t know how they were going to explain it away. I had faith in their charm though, and hopefully they would get a rap on the knuckles at most.

As I calmed down I thought about what they had told me; how they had been diagnosed with cancer and had to face their mortality. I wondered what must have been going through their minds, how hopeless life must have felt. The one mercy for my parents was that it had all been over quickly so they had no time to think about what they would be missing out on and lament their fate. I would hate to wither away, and it was fortunate that they had found a treatment that worked. Life was balanced on such strokes of fate, and, hopefully, it was a treatment that could benefit others. There were a lot of questions I wanted to ask them about their illness that didn’t seem appropriate at the time. I wondered if they were fully cured, as well, or had just gone into remission. It also explained why Adam had enjoyed such intense feelings for the girl he hurt, as well. If he thought he was terminal he would have wanted to experience love before he died. I hoped that I could give him everything he needed now and that we could all be happy. I knew that I had found something that I had been craving, something that I had needed for a long time. I didn’t know until I’d found it though, and I wasn’t going to give it up. Part of me was afraid that, like my first kiss with Adam, it would just be a product of a single night, but I had faith that the four of us had made a sacred pact and it would take a strong force to break it.

I wasn’t going to tell Arthur. I had a feeling he would disapprove, probably saying that at this crucial stage I should be focusing on my studies and my training as a Slayer so that I could be ready whenever the time came to face the master vampires. I also wanted to keep something that was just mine as well. Not everything in my life had to be touched by the fact that I was a Slayer. This was something that was private and personal, and if Arthur was allowed his secrets, I was too.


I returned home feeling good about myself, even though I had neglected my patrol for the evening. I vowed to make up for it the following night though. When I got to the house I was surprised to see that the lights were on. Usually Arthur was asleep by this time, so my hackles rose and I tensed my muscles, ready to defend him if there were any unsavory characters. I peeked into the windows but the curtains were drawn, and while I didn’t want to be paranoid I wanted to be cautious. I decided to walk around the back and carefully opened a window. I twisted myself through the small opening and dropped to the floor, arching my feet so that I cushioned the blow and made as little noise as possible. I skulked through the darkness and heard the sound of muffled voices. I wondered if it was a member of the council coming to check up on the two of us. I had heard that they liked their surprise visits, to make sure their watchers and Slayers were obeying protocol. It seemed an odd time of the night to visit, but the council always seemed to keep odd timings.

I walked to the door on tiptoes and pressed my ear closely. I heard two voices, and as I cracked open the door a sliver of light poured through. It only took a few words for me to realize that I recognized the voice. As soon as I did I burst through the door and stormed into the room, my jaw dropping open at the sight of Julia sitting at the table with Arthur. I jabbed a finger in the air.

“What the hell is she doing here?”

Chapter Thirteen

I couldn’t believe that Julia, the Julia, the bane of my existence, was sitting with Arthur in my home. Her eyes narrowed when she saw me, but there was a flicker of her trademark smugness as well. I walked all the way up to the table and looked at Arthur expectantly.

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