“Fuck me,” I said, my weak and trembling voice laced with desperation and urgency. “I need you. I need more. God, fuck me, fuck my brains out!” I yelled. Josh, Adam, and Troy looked at each other.

“Which one,” they asked. My head twisted from side to side. I felt the errant hair falling all over my face.

“I don’t care,” I groaned, “all of you. I want all of you. One after the other.”

I spread my legs and saw my pussy and thighs glisten with sweet wetness. The warm liquid seeped down my legs and as the moonlight that poured in through the window caught it, it seemed to come to life and shimmer, as though it was magical and enchanted. It certainly felt that way.

I couldn’t quite believe that I had gone my entire life without experiencing anything like this. I had always wondered why people had been obsessed with sex. I never assumed it could be this good, but damn, my body thrummed and quivered. I didn’t think I would ever walk the same again and I had only had one orgasm. I felt for sure that I was going to explode, with everything that was bubbling and simmering inside me. I had never felt more alive than I had in that moment. Everything else paled in comparison to these sensations. Nothing else mattered, and I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be able to feel these things with anyone other than these vampires.

The energy that swirled and surged within me felt as though it had taken on a life of its own. It was as though I was at the mercy of this entirely new organism and it wasn’t going to let me sleep or rest until it had been fully satisfied. My vision became blurred. The vampires were nothing more than vague figures before me. I felt one of them grab my thighs and suddenly he was inside me, stretching my tight Slayer pussy. My head lolled back and my hands gripped the bed sheets as I felt him getting deeper and deeper inside me. My legs were spread and he pounded away, thrusting hard. My hair fell over my mouth as my rampant breaths went in and out. My skin sizzled and sweat pooled in the valley of my breasts. I felt hands groping my nipples and then suddenly there was a finger in my mouth. I sucked hard. It seemed the natural thing to do. I heard guttural grunts and moans, the sounds of masculine intensity. The hammering rhythm increased as did the ache between my thighs, and then all of a sudden there was sweet relief and bliss. Warmth spread through me with a jerk of the hips and a smile spread across my face.

My mind crackled with electricity and it was hazy and delirious. I had basically lost my sense of time and space. The moment I shared with them seemed to be everlasting and I wasn’t ready to leave that bed. I had a feeling it would last forever. The ecstasy of the orgasm was such that it rendered me unable to think about anything else. I whimpered as I felt my body being lifted and twisted. I scrambled to be on all fours, and then I felt a few fingers playing with my soaking wet pussy before a huge erection entered me from behind. I felt hands running down my spine, resting on my rump, reaching around and groping my breasts. I was being made love to by a stallion and the strong, steady rhythm started again. He was steadier than before, stronger and deeper too. I imagined it must have been Troy. He squeezed my hips and I felt his strength. I felt him get deep inside me, deeper than I ever thought possible. He was so deep I thought for a moment he was going to tear me apart, but that only added to the excitement. He was primal and savage. I felt the passion in every inch of his erection and I loved the feeling of my body being pounded from behind, ramming me with every ounce of his might. I felt completely at his mercy and I was driven to a state of near insanity with every thrust of his body.

When his orgasm hit him, he built up to it by getting faster and faster. He held onto me tightly and grabbed a fistful of my hair, and then he rumbled and thundered and came like a volcano. I felt it trickle down my thighs. I was such a mess, but I didn’t care, I was still hungry. I wanted more. I finally knew what it was like to be a vampire, to have this incessant, unending hunger that needed to be fed, else it would drive you insane.

I twisted around and groggily found Josh. I placed my hands on his shoulder and pushed him back so that he lay flat on the bed. I climbed onto him and sank down onto his cock, the feeling of him inside me was just perfect. I pulled my hair from around my face and reared back, letting his hands roam all around my body as I rocked back and forth, controlling the motion and the rhythm. I twisted and grinded, and it felt so damned good. Troy and Adam came beside me. Their fingers ran through my hair and their lips found my gaping mouth. Their hands groped my breasts and as I made love to Josh it felt as though I was making love to all of them. I loved feeling their long, strong arms around me and their breaths washing over my skin. I looked at each of them as I made love and the orgasm that hit me was the strongest one yet. I flung myself forward and made out with Josh, kissing him deeply as the pleasure swam through my body and left me a writhing, whimpering, wrecked mess.


I carefully peeled myself off Josh and lay on the bed, my arms splayed out and my chest heaving. My body was slick with sweat and utterly ruined, but I was deliriously happy. Adam rose and came back with a wash cloth. He cooled me down and wiped the sweat from me, caressing me lovingly. I welcomed them all to me and we shared our love and affection. We were all moved by the intensity of the sensations and it was going to take me the entire night to recover. I lost myself in their arms and their love. I didn’t care that they were vampires and I was a Slayer. I didn’t care that we weren’t supposed to have this love. It felt right. It felt perfect. I wasn’t going to let anyone else tell me this was wrong. These were my vampires, and I was going to fight whoever I needed to because what we had was worth fighting for. In fact, I thought, I was going to tell the truth because it was unfair that any Slayer should miss out on an opportunity like this. Not all vampires were our enemies.

It was time for the rules to change.

Chapter Eighteen

We lay together, the four of us, completely satisfied and fulfilled. A dull ache throbbed through my body, making me feel utterly content and serene. My mind was quiet and I knew that in this moment there was nothing to worry about. Their bodies were pressed against mine and as I looked down at them I felt lucky, and honored, and proud to have the three of them devoted to me. Their loyalty and adoration were precious to me, and I vowed to never let them think they had made a mistake in offering themselves to me. I don’t know exactly what I had done to win them over, but I had done enough and they had chosen me over their masters. I had given them love and now I was going to give them a life they were worthy of. I had been left breathless by all the relentless orgasms, but I wasn’t ready to think about the future yet. I didn’t want to worry about anything. I had no idea what I was going to tell Arthur or how the Council would react. I wasn’t sure anything like this had happened before, but I was going to protect my vampires no matter what. Nothing was going to stop us from being together.


I listened to their breathing and the rigors of the day lulled me to sleep. I enjoyed feeling the soft twitches of their hands and arms, and the rhythm of their breaths. I sank into warm slumber, knowing that the day to come was going to be an important one. But the night would not be as restful as I hoped, for a dream came to me, and one final message that would cast everything in a new light.


Panic filled me. I was terrified. I scrambled around on the ground, my hands searching for anything that might help me. I looked down and saw the crimson blood bloom across my stomach. My reflection caught on the mirror. I knew I was in my Aunt’s final moments again. I writhed and twisted. I tried to scream, but I was filled with horror. The metallic taste of blood swam on my tongue and it choked me. I trembled as I sank to the ground, the strength seeping away from my limbs. My head was woozy and that strange feeling passed through me once again…that feeling of betrayal

She looked up, and I looked through her eyes. I felt the stake in my stomach, but that didn’t seem to matter anymore. I saw the figure walking away. I strained to see who it was. There was something familiar about his gait, but I couldn’t place it, so distracted was I by the pain, and the anguish, and the feeling of death sweeping in, ready to claim my Aunt.

Then he stopped and looked back.

Now I knew why my Aunt felt betrayed.

“Arthur…I loved you…” she whispered, barely able to get the words out without choking. He turned around. I could barely believe it. It was Arthur. He had blood on his hands. There was pain written on his face.

“I loved you too, but I had to do my duty. I’m sorry. The war comes above everything,” he said. That was the last thing she remembered. The world went black, and the last thing she saw was Arthur walking away from her.


I awoke and pushed myself bolt upright. The night had been long and now the dawn sun was spreading through the windows. I moved from the bed and drew the curtains so the light wouldn’t threaten my vampires. They stirred, and Troy spoke to me.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I have to go and see my watcher, explain what happened. I have to tell him this myself. I’ll be back soon. I promise.” I walked over to them and gave them each a kiss in turn. They offered to come with me, but I told them it was morning. Besides, I didn’t want them getting mixed up in this. There was going to be a lot of trouble and I wanted to keep them out of it for as long as possible.

My mind throbbed with pain as I thought about what must have happened. I couldn’t believe that Arthur had betrayed my aunt like that, but it made sense given how defensive he was. But why? I had to know, and the only way was to confront him.

There was a lot of news to tell him of course, and I wasn’t sure he was going to be happy to see me.


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