I was filled with excitement and my eyes gleamed as I ran up to them, tilting my head up to look at them as they were all so much taller than me. I spread my arms out to bring them all in for an embrace.

“So…how is this going to work?” Buck asked.

“Let’s not think about the details at the moment. All I know is that right now I want all three of you. We won together, and we should be together now as well, just as a pack should be.” I hugged and kissed each of them in turn, chaste and sweet, and then I looked at them expectantly, wondering which of them was going to make the first move.


It was

Jack of course. He thrust his arm out and wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, pulling me forward abruptly, the movement so swift that the air rushed out of my lungs and I was left breathless with a hard kiss. I was just falling into it when he turned me around and pushed me to Matt, who kissed me as well, and then finally I was in Buck’s arms. My mind whirled as I was passed between the three men, loving the thought of being in their arms and feeling the heat from their bodies. I was already burning inside and ready to be theirs, to give myself to the wolf pack. My desire for the three of them blended together and created this miasma of pleasure that surged through my entire body and made my skin glisten with sweat. I trembled and felt my knees turn to water. I was strong and weak all at the same time, and all I wanted was to serve these men. They stepped forward, encasing me in a cocoon of flesh, a tight circle where just the three of them were the only things that mattered to me in the entire world. I reached out and touched their bodies, I let their hands coil around me, slithering like serpents dragging me down into a dark abyss, yet there was nothing terrifying or terrible about this. It was freedom, it was light, it was beautiful.

When the fire of Buck’s kiss echoed on my lips, it felt as though I had been intoxicated by a potent cocktail that was a mix of all three of them. The air crackled with vibrant electricity and a fluttering sensation rose through my mind, rippling out like the music from a tender song. Everywhere I turned there was a powerful man, a wolf, ready to claim me. Then I felt pressure on my shoulders and I sank to my knees. They already towered above me, but now they were like giants and I was so small, completely at their mercy, and the air simmered with the heat of their arousal.

I couldn’t resist reaching out and touching their bodies. My hands brushed over the swelling arousal that tightened their jeans, and something inside me twitched. A deep ache burned in my molten core and I was filled with a need to have more. I fumbled with their belts, trying to undo all three at once, but I only had two hands so I had to use my teeth to slip away one of the leather straps. It came free with a satisfying sound and I enjoyed the murmurs of the men. Their hands came down and helped me where I needed it, unleashing their erections and my mouth dropped open with shock and desire. They were each beautiful in their own way, thick and long, hard and taut, with rippling veins. Dark hair shadowed the bases and smooth tips gazed at me, begging to be sucked and licked and pleasured. A deep, primal hunger swelled within me and I immediately dared to reach out and touch them. I curled my fingers around the three erections, moving my hands between them to try and give each of them equal attention. I brushed their skin and teased their thighs and watched their throbbing power being displayed before me. I had a wide grin on my face as I looked up at my wolves and then began to pleasure them. I wrapped my lips around Jack’s cock and sucked it deep and slow, coating it in my saliva, before I turned my head and did the same to Matt’s, and then Buck’s. While I sucked one I used my hands to pleasure the others. It was a dance that was as choreographed as a ballet.

Instinct came over me completely as my mind grew hazy and delirious. I was so aware of the sensations coursing through my body that I lost sense of everything else. I was utterly a part of them, a tool for their pleasure, and in turn I received pleasure of my own. They tasted so good. Their heat scorched my mouth and tongue, and it wasn’t long before my jaw began to ache, but the pain was sweet and only reminded me that I was doing a good thing; that I was making them feel good and repaying their faith in me. Drool trickled over my sore lips. My hands moved in a blur, stroking tight skin as my groans were muffled when I gagged on their erections. A hand grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back. I winced in pain as I felt the heat being smeared across my face. My hands fell limply by my sides as I was overwhelmed by all this passion, but then I regained my senses somewhat and let them rise again, not wanting to let go of them or for any of them to miss out on any pleasure. I was determined to pleasure them all and the need was so vibrant inside me that I had to get closer to them. I brought them together, bringing my hands closer to my mouth. Groggy, my vision was blurred, but my instincts were sharp and I knew exactly what I had to do. I opened my mouth wide as I pressed their erections together and managed to fit all three tips in my mouth at once. Foamy saliva drooled out of me and splashed on the floor. I groaned loudly, and their terse moans were music to my ears, a devilish chorus that inspired the darkest most tempting parts of me.

Then a hand dragged me away. More than one hand. All three of them were touching me and I was overwhelmed by the sensation of being manhandled like this. I was flung to the bed and landed with a crash. I was soon pulled away, barely given a chance to regain my composure. My head hung back and my hair fell down like a waterfall. I felt my legs being pulled apart as my clothes were ripped away, torn to shreds as the wild animals treated me like their prey, displaying their masculine strength, a strength that could not have been denied even if I had been reluctant to fulfill their desires. My mouth hung open and long, guttural moans trembled out of me, as my flushed skin prickled with desire. There was a deep ache in my body, an ache that would not be calmed unless they did something about it.

I watched with bleary eyes as Matt sank to his knees before me. Buck and Jack stood either side of me, their pleasure still rampant in their bodies. They fondled my breasts and I continued sucking their erections as Matt’s hand brushed my burning inner thighs. My body surrendered and I melted as I felt his breath against my femininity. Then a darting tongue started dancing with my body. The heat and the wetness spread and my thighs became slick. His long hair splayed out across my legs as he buried himself in me and pleasure rippled all over my body in a fervent wave.

The world swirled around me in a blur and I rocked violently as the cascading orgasm rippled and burst through like a tidal wave, far more quickly and more passionately than I had ever experienced before. The dam had broken and there was still more, I could feel it growing inside me. The thought of bracing myself against it all was daunting and I didn’t know if I could handle it, but if I was going to be broken then I would welcome it gladly as long as it was by these three men. My lips were stolen in a kiss as hands roamed around my body, exploring my supple flesh and finding all the sweet parts. All the while Matt continued pleasuring me. There were so many sensations my mind could barely keep up and I had no idea what was happening, only that quaking pleasure flooded out of me in delicious waves.

Eventually Matt rose to kiss me and I tasted my own sweetness on his lips. He hooked his arm around my body and before I knew it he was inside me. I leaned back, my body arching, my legs hooked around him. His head was buried in the crook of my neck as his lean, slender body crashed into me with a desire that had been present from the first time we met. I clutched his back and dragged my nails down his skin as I felt him tremble and tense, knowing that he was ready to give me everything. Moans crashed against me and I didn’t care that it was so soon, he had made me melt with his tongue and now I wanted everything he had to give me. I coaxed him with seductive whispers and felt his body shudder as the warmth shot into me like shards shooting away from a broken planet.

I barely had time to kiss him before I was torn away and pushed onto my knees, my head forced down and a cock shoved in my mouth. I looked up and saw Jack standing above me, and then felt two hands around my waist, holding me tightly, squeezing me and then I felt something else, something big, something that made me groan. Buck showed no mercy as he plunged himself inside me and picked up from where Matt had left off, grabbing a fistful of my hair as he fucked me roughly, slamming into me with the force of an earthquake. Tears streamed down my cheeks as the exquisite agony surged through me and I was carried by this blurring of pain and pleasure to paradise once again, my consciousness lifting through my body.

All the while I was doing my best to pleasure Jack, to keep sucking even though my jaw felt as though it was going to drop off. Buck crashed into me. I could feel the bruises swelling over my skin where he held me so tightly, where he let his passion flow free and gave me everything he had. The snarling grunts of passion were the same sounds he had made in battle. He was a warrior, a strong, powerful man who only ever gave something his full energy. My body cracked under the weight of his intensity and I felt like everything was taken for me as he gave me his orgasm. It was as hot as a volcano and erupted violently. When he was done he pushed me forward. Jack fell back, catching my trembling body in his arms. I whimpered and couldn’t even form a thought let alone a sentence. My hair was matted to my skin and I felt as though I had been shattered, and Jack was picking up the pieces and putting me back together again. I crawled onto him and our bodies came together. I wrapped my arms around his neck and nestled into him as he slipped into me and I rode him. Mercifully he went gently, tenderly, and gave me all the love that he had. We kissed and my body started to move with his rhythm. Pleasure ran around my body again, this time with the force of a supernova, and when I came I kissed him deeply, hoping that he could sense the depth of my feelings, hoping that he welcomed everything that I could give him.

He held me still for a long time after he came, as though the moment would last forever. Then, he let me slip away. Buck and Matt were already laid on the bed, drained, their sweat soaked bodies glistening, their powerful chests heaving. I sank in between them, still surrounded by all this burning, vibrant flesh that was such a pleasure for me. I reached out with my shaking hands to caress them and I closed my eyes, breathing in all the scents and feeling the heat simmering inside me. My body had been given more than it could handle and I felt as though I had been broken, but it was a welcome sensation and even then I knew that I wanted it again. I was complete with these three men in a way that I could never have been with just one of them. They were my wolves, my lovers, and I couldn’t imagine life without them.

They each reached out and placed a hand upon my quaking body. I closed my eyes and smiled, whispering my love for them. It was finally over. I was finally where I belonged; with my wolves.


The sun shone brightly above me as I sat on the porch, sipping my lemonade. The drink was refreshing and I sighed happily as I rested my hand against my swollen belly. The town had changed over the past few years and now it was almost impossible to believe it had been ramshackle and abandoned. The Howlers had their home back again, and they had made it their own, or our own I should say. The streets were filled with happy people and at night wolves were free to roam around without fear of being hunted or attacked. Nobody here had to hide who they were, and it was the most wonderful place in the world to live. I was happier than I had ever been before and I couldn’t believe that I had ever thought my destiny lay away from the wolves. I thought back to my first moment when I had been taken away by my lovers, how afraid I had been, and it made me smile. It was all a part of the journey.

“Mom, can we go and play?!” Jake asked, bursting out of the house with Tanya in tow. Jake was the eldest. Tanya was followed by the

crawling Catherine, who was eager to follow her elder siblings despite the fact that she could barely walk yet. The three of them had different fathers and yet I could see the qualities of Jack, Matt, and Buck in each of them. If anyone had told me that I would have ended up with three partners I would have laughed them away because it seemed far too confusing, but somehow we made it work. We all supported each other and helped out with the kids, and over the years we had found a natural rhythm. Now, I couldn’t imagine any other way of living life.

“Sure thing, but don’t stay out for too long, and make sure you have plenty to drink, it’s a warm day,” I said. Jake and Tanya threw their fists in the air and yelped with delight as they scampered away, not heeding my warning at all. Catherine crawled over the porch intending to follow her siblings, but I picked her up and set her on my lap. She squirmed and writhed in my arms, twisting and pointing at her brother and sister, but she soon settled when I gave her a cuddle. They were enough of a handful now, they would be even worse when they could change into wolves. Hopefully, by that point I’d be ready for the challenge.

A shadow loomed over the porch as Buck approached. I looked up and smiled. He leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. He wore his customary denim vest and had a bag slung over his shoulder.

“Is this finally it then?” I asked.

“I figure I’ve been threatening to do it for long enough, I might as well actually go through with it,” he said.

“Good, I’m glad. I feel as though I’ve been nagging you about it forever,” I smiled.

“Well, I’ve never been this sure that Jack and Matt can handle things around here by themselves.”

“And what about me?”

“You’ve had your hands full,” Buck said, reaching out and playing with Catherine’s hair. She giggled as his hand stroked her soft cheek, and she leaned into him. “I’m going to miss her. I’m going to miss all of them.” The slanting smile disappeared from his face and he looked pensive. I reached up with my free hand and clutched his, squeezing it gently.

“It’s okay, you’ll be back soon enough, and you’ll have a good story to tell,” I said.

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