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Fynn’s fingers intertwine with mine, and Anderson removes my hair from my neck. Softly, one kiss lands on my skin. Then, another. And, another.

“All we want to do is make you feel amazing, even more amazing than you are,” Anderson murmurs.

I sigh deeply, closing my eyes. I can’t believe this is really happening. I want it. I’ve wanted it from the first moment I saw them, but I was too scared to realize it. Now, with all that danger out of our way, I can finally let go.

I feel my heart thumping wildly in my chest. Fynn leans in softly, and presses his lips to mine. A fire burns somewhere deep inside of me. Our kiss is passionate, but still gentle and soft. Our tongues intertwine, as Anderson keeps planting even softer, butterfly kisses on my neck and shoulder.

“This is what we’ve been thinking about from the first moment we saw you,” Anderson whispers, and exhilaration flares inside of me.

A tidal wave of heat rushes down my spine, then back up. I feel myself getting wet, and they’ve barely touched me. I’m throbbing somewhere deep inside. The teasing has lasted too long already. I’m eager. The desire builds up in me.

“Me, too,” I whisper back feeling emboldened, when Fynn’s lips pull away.

I moan softly, biting my lower lip.

“Is that all you’ve been thinking about?” Anderson bites my earlobe, and a million little goosebumps rush up my body. “Feeling us inside of you?”

“Yes…” I moan again.

“Soon?” he asks, his fingers stroking my bare arms.

“Now,” I whisper.

“We in a hurry?”

He blows hot air onto my neck, raising all my hairs on their end. Suddenly, he gets up, and offers Fynn and me his hands. Together, we walk back to my bedroom, and as we’re standing in the middle of the room, my oversized t-shirt just slides down onto the floor. I’m left in only my panties.

“God, you’re perfect,” Anderson mutters, standing behind me.

His hands travel slowly over my body, feeling every indentation, every hill, every protruding bone with the tips of his fingers. I help Fynn get out of his clothes, with Anderson’s hands still on my body. Then, I turn to him, and do the same.

They take me to the bed, and I lay down onto my back. The thin fabric of my panties feels suffocating somehow. But, I dare not take it off. There is thunder in my groin, in my chest, in my heart.

Fynn’s lips clash with mine again, more demanding this time. As we’re kissing, I feel Anderson’s fingers sliding my panties down my legs, spreading them forcefully. I moan into Fynn’s mouth, noiselessly.

The heat of Anderson’s breath hits my velvet underground like an implosion. My back arches, as his tongue introduces itself to my soft, needy folds. I gasp with desire. My toes curl, as Anderson keeps licking my pussy. I adjust myself a little closer to him, all the while cupping Fynn’s face with the palms of my hands, as if scared of letting him go.

Pleasure shudders through my entire body, as Anderson’s lips pull at my clit, sucking it. My whole body starts to tremble, surrendering to the sensation that threatens to swallow me whole. He is so good, it’s as if he knows my body better than I know it myself. I’m his instrument, and he is playing the sweetest music I’ve ever heard. His fingers join in the fun, sliding in only one at first.

Fynn’s hands are on my tits, my nipples hard and erect, begging for more. There is a soundless hum in my mind, sheer bliss. My legs hook over Anderson’s shoulders, his tongue working with his fingers deeper, harder, picking up the rhythm.

I’m about to explode. Implode. Dissolve into a million little pieces. As if sensing this, Anderson quickly pulls away, leaving a vast emptiness where his tongue and face once were.

“Ahhh…” I moan, my body begging him to come back, not to leave me like this.

Fynn pulls away, and instead of his lips, I find his erect cock, ready to be worshipped. My mouth opens obediently, taking in only the tip at first. At the same time, Anderson returns with his devil tongue, making it all even more intense.

I play with Fynn’s cock, my lips curling around it, sucking, licking, as Anderson finds fury in friction, leading me closer and closer to the brink. He is focused on my clit now, rubbing the perfect spot, his fingers sliding inside of me, making it increasingly difficult to breath.

“Oh, my God…” I shout, slurping my own saliva from Fynn’s throbbing cock.

My orgasm hits me fast, an elated wave of pleasure that cuts me in half. Fynn’s cock flops out of my mouth, allowing me to fully partake in this moment. The rapture is too much. My body tenses, convulses, as Anderson’s tongue continues relentlessly, burying my pussy in more licks and finger fucks.

Slowly, I float down to earth, light as a cloud. My eyes are closed. I feel like I’m made of cotton candy and rainclouds. But, they don’t let me rest.

“Do you have a condom?” Anderson asks.

I get up, open the bedside drawer, and get one out from all the way in the back. It’s actually from the time my best friend gave it to me with the instructions to have fun. I remember just shoving it in there. Well, now, I’m having fun.

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