“I’ll do better,” she said against his neck.

“I know you will.”

The manager walked over and cleared his throat. “Jade, dear, I was going to have you stay on a couple more nights, but I can’t have you beating up the people. They’ll never come back.”

“It was just two men, and they were both assholes,” Jade said.

Cole snorted, and the manager rubbed the back of his head.

“I’m having my sister come in for the rest of your days.”

Cole squeezed her. “What do you have to say?”

“I’m really sorry. I was bullied my whole life, and when I see one, I lose my temper.”

“I understand. It’s just bad for business. I’ll send your last check to Mr. Buchanan’s office.”

“All right. Again, I am sorry.”

The manager turned and walked off. Micky came up and high-fived her. “That was awesome.”

“Don’t encourage her,” Cole growled.

“But Mr. Buchanan, do you know how many people have wanted to beat the crap out of both men she took down?”

Cole sighed. “I can imagine.”

“I’ll miss you, twirp,” Micky said.

She snorted. “I probably won’t miss you.”

Micky threw back his head and laughed so hard he was holding his stomach.

Jade saw the other waitress helping the woman out of the bar.

“Where’s she going?” Jade asked Micky.

“Deb is taking her home with her.”

Jade nodded and relaxed.

“Are you ready to go?” Cole asked.

She looked over her shoulder. “Yes, sir.”

Chapter Nine

Cole wheeled her outside to the car. Hammond held the door open.

“Hi, Hammond.”

“Hello, Miss Jade. How are you?”

“You heard what I did?”

He nodded.

“I feel good.” She stood beside him and whispered. “I’d feel better if Cole had let me beat on him some more.”

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