“How’s that? Does that hurt at all?” Cole asked.

She stared at him with a look of wonder and shook her head. “No.”

He grinned. “Does it feel good?”

She nodded.

“All right. Now, I’m going to make you feel even better. Hold on to me.”

Jade wrapped her hands around his neck and lifted her hips to take him as deep as he could.

“Fuck, woman, you’re so fucking wet and hot right now. I’m not going to be able to last this first time.”

“Then don’t.”

“I’m not going over without you.” His strokes got harder and deeper until they were both gasping for breath and moaning.

“Damn, your body was made to be mine. You’re so fucking perfect.”

He could feel her start to tighten on him. “That’s a girl. Come for Daddy.”

Her mouth opened, and her body tensed. Before shescreamed, he covered her mouth with his to try to cover up some of the sounds. He moaned as wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over him. When it finally subsided, he exhaled, dropped his head to her shoulder, and braced his weight off her as he struggled to gain control of his body.

Never in his life had he lost it as he did just then, and it felt like it changed something inside of him.

He raised his head and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was back to normal.

“How are you, baby?”

Her eyes fluttered open. “I think I’m okay.”

“You think?’ He chuckled.

“Is it okay if my body is numb?”

Damn, she was so fucking perfect. “Yes, baby, it means I did my job right in loving you.”

“Can you tell me when the sensation will come back?”

He threw his head back and laughed. “Just relax. I’ll be right back.

She nodded and closed her eyes again.

When he got back after washing and grabbing a wet cloth, she was out. He cleaned the cum, sweat, and blood from her thighs and cunt, and then tossed the washcloth in the sink.

Cole crawled in, maneuvered her so her back was against his chest, and kissed her temple. “I love you, baby.”

He smiled when she hummed.

There was no way in hell he’d ever be able to live without her now.

Chapter Fifteen

Cole and Jade walked off the plane and headed where one of his guys would be meeting them. He carried one bag over his shoulder and let her take the small one. Even though he wanted a hand on her the whole time, his leg was getting tired, and he needed the cane to walk.

Jerry’s military funeral was scheduled for the next day. As much as he dreaded it, he was glad for closure and seeing the rest of the team.

He saw Tin Man, aka Eric Spencer, up ahead, scanning the crowd for them. The guy was two inches taller than him. Cole saw him easily, and he stood in front of them within a few seconds.

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