Cole backed away from her and held out the hand he had a beer in. He looked down to see Jade with narrowed eyes, staring at Christy, and he almost smiled.

“Christy, meet my woman, Jade.”

Christy looked down at Jade and sniffed before she turned her attention back to him. “Come on, babe. You can’t possibly want that over me.”

“Since every dick in the county has been in you, I’d say he’s going to pass on you,” Jade said.

Cole heard more of some guys standing around them choking. Christy gasped, and Blake laughed.

“You can’t talk to me like that,” Christy yelled.

“You wanna bet?” Jade asked.

“God, you’re the size of a teenager. I’d take you down in asecond.”

Jade looked up at him. “Daddy?”

Cole shook his head. “No, you may not hurt her.”

Jade huffed but turned back to Christy and glared at her.

“I was told you were hurt,” Christy said to him. “You’re as hot as ever.”

When Jade growled, Cole squeezed her. “Leave me alone, Christy.”

The woman took a step toward him, ignoring Jade. “Where were you hurt?”

“I got the bottom part of my leg blown off.”

She gasped and looked down with an expression like she just saw something disgusting. A look of distaste crossed her face. “Seriously? But you’re walking.”

“It’s a prosthetic,” Cole said.

Christy’s mouth opened and closed a few times. “Oh, well. It was nice seeing you.” She backed up, turned, and walked off.

Cole looked down at Jade to see her hard gaze following Christy. Jade acted calm, but Cole knew she’d take Christy down when she got the chance.

He got Blake’s attention.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Blake asked.

Cole looked down at Jade. “Help me. Keep your eyes on Jade.”

Blake grinned. “You got it.”

An hour passed, and everyone had a great time eating pizza and talking.

Cole kept his eyes on Jade as he talked to his friends, and she seemed to have cooled down. But he was wrong.

“Eric, you don’t want that. She’s diseased,” Jade said.

He heard a screech and then a thump.

“Fuck. Cole!” Blake yelled.

Cole walked over to see Jade on top of Christy’s back,pouring a glass of beer over her head. “You don’t fucking disrespect my man. You got me?” Jade said.

“Let me up, you bitch.”

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