The older man peers inside before pulling out the candlesticks. They gleam in the low lights, and he nods appreciatively before setting them down on a nearby table.

“Thank you,” the handsome man says in a deep, sexy voice. “I appreciate the gift. That’s very thoughtful of you.” Then he turns to his son again. “I see what you mean,” the older Genovese growls. “Thoughtful as well as beautiful. Very interesting.”

Anthony smirks. “I told you she was a good one. So what do you think? Are you interested in buying? She’ll fit well with our business model, no?”

Roman shrugs, retreating to his desk before sitting once more. He looks like an enormous panther ready to pounce as those blue eyes gleam, taking in my curvaceous form again.

“I don’t know. I’ll need to see more before I make a final decision because it’s important to know your product. You can’t just be buying any old shit out there. It’s important to keep our quality up, especially in this line of business.”

The two men both turn to look at me then, their gazes assessing, and I shiver. This is really getting out of hand, and I’m utterly confused. Product? What are these guys talking about? I thought I was coming here for dinner, but I’m starting to wonder if this was all a ruse. Certainly, no food has been procured as of yet, and I could really use a sandwich just about now. Anything to make things feel more normal.

But Anthony snorts then, looking offended.

“What more do you want to see?” he whines, clearly starting to get annoyed with his father. Hell, I’m getting annoyed, too. My stomach’s growling and I really want a burger and fries. Seriously, this is fucking weird and this date is turning out to be a let down. I thought it would be special to meet Anthony’s family, but instead, this is turning into a livestock show.

Roman thinks for a moment and then steeples his fingers thoughtfully. “Have her dance,” he commands.

What? What the hell? What is he talking about? But Anthony turns to me, his bottom lip jutting out.

“Sorry about this, Taylor, but you heard the man. Show us what you’ve got. Dance for us.”

I stare at him.

“I’m sorry? You want me todancefor you?”

“Yes, what do you think?” Anthony sighs. “My dad already knows you work at Club Z, so it’s not some crazy request. You heard me, now do as I say.”

I stare at him again.

“But why do you need me to dance for you? I’m confused. Seriously, can’t we just do this at Club Z if your dad wants a show?”

Anthony throws an embarrassed glance at his father over one shoulder.

“Stop humiliating me, okay? I need to show that I can control the product, so just start dancing,” he hisses under his breath. “What’s the problem? Just pretend this is work.”

I’m beginning to think I was never invited to the townhouse for dinner. There’s a weird power struggle going on between the two men, and I can’t even begin to understand it. Damnit. I was silly to think Anthony wanted to change things between us because that was clearly never his intention by bringing me here.

I look between Anthony and Roman, not sure what to do. Should I dance? It’s an odd request, but Iamused to dancing for men because the club has a number of lounges and sometimes I’ll do a sexy striptease for the hell of it. Is that even what they want? Reading my mind, Anthony nods.

“Go ahead, Taylor. Do it. Take it all off for us.”

I sigh. To be frank, this isn’t the first time I’ve danced for a father son duo because quite a lot of rich men like to indulge with their progeny in tow. Who am I to judge, especially when the tips are coming in fast and furious?

As a result, I begin to sway in place as if listening to the beat of a song in my head. My hands run over my body, still fully clothed, and I turn in circles to entertain the two men, shimmying my hips while looking coyly over one shoulder.

Anthony’s now seated on a couch nearby and he’s practically sniggering with glee while rubbing his hands together. Lame. Meanwhile, his father is seated behind that massive desk still, his dark form imposing as those blue eyes glint.

Well, I might as well get into it and give them a show to remember. Smiling secretively, I sway my hips before undoing the tie-belt of my wraparound dress and slowly, the black fabric parts to reveal my curves underneath. The material slides from my shoulders, puddling at my feet, and I step aside, so as not to trip.

“That’s right,” Anthony hisses from his position. “Show us what you’ve got, baby girl. They pay you the big bucks for a reason.”

Ignoring him, I smile coyly at Roman while toying with my bra straps. In one swift move, I unbuckle the clasp in back, cupping the lace to my breasts before letting it fall, and that’s when I hear a low growl. Oh wow, the older man’s really turned on, judging from the harsh streaks across those high cheekbones. Giggling, I bounce my big Double D’s at him, the creamy flesh huge and luscious. Then, I tug each of my nipples in turn, being sure to use a special corkscrew motion that emphasizes the stiff points and jiggling white flesh.

“Fuck,” the older Genovese breathes, his blue eyes fixed on my rose red tips. “That’s it, baby. Show me everything.”

I know what he wants and with a sly giggle, I turn before spreading my legs in a wide vee. The high heels lift my butt in the air, but then I bend over, running my hands down my thighs to my sleek calves before stroking back up again.

“There’s a wet patch on her panties,” Anthony whispers loudly to his dad. “She’s creaming already. Take it off, baby,” he calls. “Show us everything.”

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