Anthony nods eagerly.

“Will do. Thanks Pop. It was good doing business with you. Bye now!”

Then, my son hangs up and I shake my head ruefully. Whatever. Forty thousand dollars is pocket change for me and yet my imbecile son doesn’t even realize it. Put in charge, Anthony would surely run the family business into the ground.

With that, I lean back in my chair, surveying my office as thoughts run through my mind. Did I just do that? I’m in the midst of exiting the procurement business, and yet I just ignored my better instincts and bought myself a new fuck doll. Then again, how could I resist adding Taylor to my collection? She may be a Bronx girl, but she was so nasty with those candlesticks, and I spewed like a firehose last night. It would be crazy for me not to purchase her.

Idly, I pick up one of the candlesticks, surveying its gleaming silver form. Was this the one in her ass or her pussy? Curious, I bring the cylinder up to my nose for a sniff before giving it a long lick along the side. Goddamn, this is the one that was in her ass, and I fucking love it. Quickly, I undo my belt and pull down my zipper, fisting myself a I stare at the inanimate object. Then, I come hard right there at my desk while re-playing the scene of Taylor cramming herself full with these implements last night.

After I’ve blasted into a piece of Kleenex, my shoulders slump and I finally put the candlestick back on my desk while struggling to get air back in my lungs. Holy fuck, this woman’s made me climax and she’s not even here. I need to get my hands on her stat … because at this point, only Taylor Hass can provide the release I need.



Later that evening, the doorbell chimes. My footman has long since departed, and as a result, I open the door myself to reveal the gorgeous Taylor Hass standing on my doorstep. She throws me a sunny smile while tucking a curly brown lock behind one ear.

“Hi Mr. Genovese,” she murmurs. “Thanks for letting me stay with you.”

I nod while stepping back to let her in.

“Of course, honey. My son told me you needed a temporary place to crash, so it’s no problem. The townhouse is huge, so there’s plenty of space, and you’ll have your run of the place while you’re here.”

She nods as I take her roller-board from her, and then we both enter the living room.

“Can I get you a nightcap?” I ask. “I find a quality brandy to be particularly enjoyable at this time of night.”

Taylor nods while sitting, and I can’t but help stare a little. Is it possible that she’s gotten even more beautiful in the last twenty-four hours? Although the curvy girl’s clad in jeans and a sweatshirt, I can still see those huge breasts beneath the soft cotton, and the denim hugs her hips tightly, showing off that round rump. She smiles once more, and my cock jerks, dying to get inside of her. But Taylor has no idea why she’s really here.

“Thanks again, Mr. Genovese, for taking me in,” she murmurs. “I really appreciate your hospitality.”

I nod without saying anything because there’s no point in giving things away too soon. Of course, I’ll have to tell her at some point but let’s see how things play out first.

“So I understand you’re hiding from your employer?” I ask while handing her a snifter of amber liquid. “Something about Club Z sending you away?”

Taylor takes the alcohol gratefully and nods before taking a sip.

“Yes, management wants to send me to the middle of nowhere as punishment, and Anthony said I could hide out here for a little while. He said this place is fortified like a fortress.”

I nod.

“It is, and I have many layers of security for various reasons. But why are you being punished, sweetheart? What did you do that was so bad?”

Taylor lets out an embarrassed giggle as her cheeks tint a fetching pink.

“Well, you know those candlesticks I used yesterday?”

I nod, my eyes gleaming.

“Of course. How could I forget?”

She smiles devilishly.

“Well, they actually belong to Club Z. I was busted for stealing those candlesticks, so they want to send me to some farm in Missouri to ‘get my head on straight’ and other such bullshit.”

I let out a low laugh at her admission.

“You stole those? But why?”

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