“And then?”

He shrugs.

“I realized that in order to reach the kind of client I wanted, I needed to provide more. You can’t just have thousand dollar bottles of champagne, the hottest DJs, and a velvet rope. You need to procure women, and our thing became exotic women from far-flung European locales. Men came to my establishment to find that, and I provided,” he says in a simple tone.

I stare.

“Is there somewhere else they go to find beautiful Asian women? Or African?”

Roman nods.

“African is harder to come by because of the general civil and political unrest in that area. But yes, one of my buddies has a lock on the Asian market, and another supplies product from the Scandinavian area exclusively. There’s one dude who even specializes in Circassian girls. Who would have thought, right?”

I sputter.

“I don’t even know where Circassia is!”

My handsome host merely grins and shrugs.

“It’s an area near the Black Sea. It’s an ancient kingdom that no longer exists, but the people of that region still live there, and the women are renowned for their beauty. Many of them were concubines when that kind of thing existed, and sultans, shahs, and the like sought them out.”

I put my fork down, disbelief in my eyes.

“Holy shit.”

Roman nods, amused.

“There’s a lot to this business,” he growls. “Trust me. I’ve been in it for decades now, and I’m still learning.”

But I’m overwhelmed and suddenly, I’ve lost my appetite. I put my fork down slowly.

“You know, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel right now,” I say quietly. “You’ve bought me, but when I think about it, what I was doing for Club Z wasn’t that different from your line of business. I mean they were procuring women as well, and I was one of those women.”

Roman shrugs. “Human nature is complex, and you don’t have to feel a specific way, Taylor. There are a lot of nuances to life, and yes, Club Z runs in a similar lane to the Genovese family. Yes, there are differences here and there, but overall, the concept is the same.”

I nod slowly, and push away from the table, gently placing my red-stained cloth napkin onto the empty plate.

“If you don’t mind, I’ll go up to my room now.”

But the handsome crime lord shakes his head, those blue eyes suddenly gleaming.

“Not so fast, sweetheart. I want to see what I bought.”

Immediately, I know what he means because there’s only one reason a man looks at you with hungry eyes while adjusting the massive bulge at his crotch. But the thing is that I’m attracted to Roman’s power and charisma, not to mention his devastating good looks. I shouldn’t be, but there’s something about the dark man’s aura that draws me in, and before I realize it, I’m slipping my tiny cocktail dress off my shoulders.

“That’s it,” he rasps, watching as the material puddles at my feet. “You’re gorgeous baby.”

Then I step out of the pool of fabric, clad only in my thong and the high heels.

“The neckline was too deep to wear a bra,” I whisper. “Do you like what you see, Daddy?”

His blue eyes flash at the word “Daddy,” and I giggle because the bulge at his crotch is growing as we speak, that iron rod reaching almost to his knee.

“Jiggle them for me, baby,” he rasps. “Play with those pretty tits a bit.”

I know what he wants because as a girl with big Double D’s, there are things you can do that flat-chested women can’t. As a result, I cup my boobs in both hands before lifting them up and licking one nipple, and then the other. Then I suckle my right tip, running my tongue over the pink crest before letting it pop out of my mouth audibly, showing him the wet flesh.

“Is that what you wanted? Here, have a taste, Mr. Genovese.”

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