I lean forwards them, and Roman latches on right away. His mobile lips close over my tit, and I throw my head back as hot jolts run straight from my nipple to pussy, making me go moist inside.

“Ummm,” I sigh. “That feels so good.”

But Roman’s tasted the holy land now, and he wants more. The huge man pushes me back for a moment and then nods again, those blue eyes blazing.

“Off with the panties.”

I giggle and coo while doing a one eighty. Then, wiggling my hips, I slowly slide the thong down and of course, there’s a long trail of sticky slime connecting my pussy to the soaked gusset.

“Mmm, this is all for you,” I purr, breaking the string with one finger before lifting it to my mouth for a suck. “I promise I’ve been eating well, Daddy.”

By now, Roman’s got his cock out, and my pupils dilate while looking at it.

“Oh my God,” is my choked whisper. “Is that…?”

“Yeah, it’s all for you, baby girl,” he rasps, running his fist up and down the hard length. The tip is leaking already, and the movement spreads the liquid all over his club, lubing it up so that it shines in the dim light. My mouth waters and I make to kneel before him, but he stops me.

“No sweetheart,” Roman rasps in a gentle voice. “I break in all my girls in a very particular way.”

I pause, my huge tits quivering in his face.

“What way?”

Slowly, he helps me straddle his broad form. Mm, this is so dirty because I’m fully nude now, my pussy moist and wet as it brushes his thick shaft. The contact makes me moan, and I literally reach down to spread my pussy lips with one hand, rubbing my clit slightly against his member.

“Oh no,” he rasps. “Not yet, baby girl.” My breasts swing in his face, and he presses a kiss to one nipple before looking up at me.

“Then when? How?” I whine breathlessly.

Roman’s eyes darken with desire to an almost-black.

“I induct all my girls with a bit of salivated anal,” Roman says in a dark tone. “Are you up for that? Does that turn you on?”

My cheeks flush.

“What does that mean exactly? No lube?”

He cocks his head to one side.

“There’s lube, honey, but your saliva is the lube.”

Then, without waiting for an answer, he cups one big hand in front of my mouth and commands, “Spit.”

Immediately, I do as I’m told and hawk hard into that huge palm. He grins and then reaches around in back of me to caress my anus as I squirm a bit, throwing my head back from the sensation.

“Oh!” is my delighted sigh. “Unnh!”

“Just getting you slicked up and ready for what’s coming, baby girl,” he croons.

Then, the big man seizes both my hips, helping to lift me so that my legs are in a vee above his huge shaft. Like a good little fuck doll, I reach down to position his enormous cock at my back hole, gasping at how slippery with pre-come it is.

“That’s right, I want you bad, sweetheart,” Roman rasps, reading my mind. “I’m almost ready to blast right now.”

Those words turn me on, and with a sigh, I push my bottom down on his hard tip. Nothing happens at first because I’m tight back there, and haven’t been warmed up properly yet. But Roman reaches around again, gently caressing my anus with his fingers before lodging his cockhead more firmly inside.

“Sit,” he growls. “Stretch your asshole out on my cock, baby girl.”

With that, I begin to lower my weight. It’s difficult because he’s so huge and my bottom hole is small. But after a few seconds of straining, my sphincter opens with an audible pop, and I slide down a few inches, almost jolting with surprise.

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