“Slow, slow,” Roman croons. “You’re getting buttfucked during our first time together, baby girl. You like that?”

I can’t reply, but my moans and fluttery cries tell the story because the truth is that I adore backdoor pounding. There’s something just so rancid about it, especially when I have an especially huge club lodged in my dirtiest spot.

“Give it to me,” I pant. “Yes, I want it.”

Roman chuckles hoarsely, and then begins to fuck upwards, pushing his shaft further into my bottom. It takes a few ups and downs, but finally, I’m able to take his hard length all the way in my behind. I’m stuffed so full that I feel like his tip is going to pop out from the back of my throat, and Roman lets out a raspy chuckle

“Yeah, I knew you could do it,” he grunts with pleasure. “Only the sluttiest girls can, and you’re definitely a part of that club.”

“I am,” I sigh breathlessly, tossing my head back with the deep penetration. “Ooooh, yeah.”

It’s then that the serious bottom-banging begins. Like a slut, I moan and cry out, gripping his broad shoulders as my behind is violated again and again by that massive shaft.

“Unh, unh, unh,” are my delighted shrieks. “Ooooh!”

“Yeah, take it, slut,” the older man rasps in my ear, his tool growing even larger in my behind as his motions intensify. “Fuck!”

Suddenly, it happens. Roman goes still for a moment, and then his shaft jerks inside me as the come shoot ripples. I literally feel his cock pulsing in my bottom before releasing spurt after spurt of salty, viscous seed into my backdoor.

“Ummmm!” I scream as my bottom and pussy clench with delight, sucking it all in. “Oh fuck!”

Hot jolts of electricity sear through my form, making me shake and cry out as my bottom milks him furiously, begging for every last drop. Meanwhile the alpha male joins me on Cloud Nine, that hard body pumping me full of batter as we moan and writhe with ecstasy.

Finally, however, the fireworks cease and I collapse against Roman’s bronzed chest, sweaty and flushed.

“My goodness,” is my mewl. “Wow.”

He merely flexes his cock in my ass again, making me squeal.

“You were amazing, baby girl. But my question is: are you ready for more?”

With that, he pulls out, shifting me off his huge member, but the thing is that I just got pumped full and without his manhood acting as a plug, a huge waterfall of seed comes rushing out to splat loudly on the marble floor.

“Oh my God!” is my squeal. “Shit!”

But Roman merely seizes my mouth in a hot kiss.

“No, it’s fine, honey,” he growls against my lips. “Trust me, I’ve done worse in this house so the staff’s used to it. They’ll clean up without a peep of protest. But the more important question is that your bottom’s now empty again, and I need to fill her up.”

Then, he sweeps me into his strong arms, bridal-style, and soon I’m spread out in the master bedroom, as Roman Genovese goes on a rampage, penetrating and ravaging all of my holes. It feels amazing as I moan and cry out with bliss, but that’s not the craziest part. The worst part is that I want even more from my captor, even though I’m allegedly here against my will.



It’s been a week of heavenly bliss, not to mention the dirtiest slut-fucking ever. Normally, I don’t use language like that but it’s the only way to describe Taylor. After all, she’s a seasoned woman and I love it. Years of working at Club Z have made her flexible, sexy as fuck, and with a mind in the gutter to rival my own.

We’ve shared quite a few meals already, courtesy of my chef, but tonight I’m taking her to a restaurant. La Cirelle is a favorite of mine, and I’m sure Taylor will enjoy the elegant French fare.

Ah, there’s my girl. The curvy woman floats down the grand staircase to stand before me. She’s gorgeous as always with her brown curls swept up in a loose updo, and that ripe figure encased in a purple cocktail dress. I’ve tasted every inch of her body multiple times now, and she’s always sweet, creamy, and so wet and ready for more.

But then, I notice how Taylor shifts her weight a bit once she gets to the landing, grimacing slightly with pain.

“Is it the shoes, sweetheart?” I ask. “You know I love high heels, but you could wear something lower tonight if you want.”

The beautiful brunette shoots me a rueful look.

“No, it’s not the shoes, Roman. It’s that my body has been well-used over the past few days, so you can’t blame me for being sore!”

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