I nod, puffing my chest with masculine pride.

“Yeah, you have been worked over pretty well, haven’t you?”

Her brown eyes flash.

“I have, and my bottom’s especially achy right now after what you did last night.”

I pretend mock-shock.

“What, you didn’t like it?”

She flushes.

“You know I loved the anal fisting, Roman, but that’s one thing that I’ve never done before, so yeah, I’m a little achy today.”

I go hard while mentally visualizing her bottom before me, round and ripe with those white ass cheeks spread apart. It’s true. I couldn’t resist, and late last night, I convinced Taylor to let me push my entire hand into her backdoor. It was utterly depraved as she screamed and squealed face down into the mattress, but ultimately, the curvy brunette took my entire hand like a good girl. I’ve never come so hard before, and my fingers twitch now, dying to get into that bubble butt again.

“Oh there’s more for you where that came from, sweetheart,” I promise in a low voice as my blue eyes glint. “But come on. Food first.”

With that, a black car whisks us to the restaurant downtown, and soon, we’re seated at a table in the back, apart from the rest of the room.

“So what do I owe the honor of this special meal?” Taylor quips, shooting me a playful look from across the table. “Your chef is fantastic, and I was happy eating her food.”

I shrug and grin.

“You’re doing great things at home, honey, and you deserve to be rewarded, that’s all. Besides, I like taking my woman out. I want to show you off to the world because you’re so beautiful.”

Is it my imagination, but do her cheeks flush a pretty pink at the compliment? Taylor looks gorgeous in the candlelight, and a warm feeling descends over my chest at the intimacy we’re sharing. Fuck, being with her is amazing, and it’s almost funny that we enjoy spending time together under these illicit circumstances.

Soon, a waitress comes by to take our orders, and of course, I only order the best for my woman. Then, expensive champagne arrives and we toast before she sips slowly at the bubbly.

“So tell me, honey. Have you been enjoying yourself? You know have the run of the house. Pool, my private gym, the entertainment center, the billiards room, and the library. You have one hundred percent access.”

She nods.

“Thank you. But I haven’t had time to explore much because we’ve been so busy together,” she says, blushing a bit.

I chuckle because it’s true. She’s practically been chained to my bed since arriving, and I don’t plan on letting her go anytime soon.

“We have, haven’t we? But tell me more about yourself, sweetheart. How did you get involved with Club Z? It seems unlikely for a nice girl like you.”

With that, the pretty brunette frowns and looks away. “But who said I’m a nice girl?” she asks in a soft voice.

I shrug.

“That’s just what I figured. Most of my women are ‘nice,’ believe or not,” I say in a smooth tone. “They weren’t raised by wolves or anything.”

Taylor nods, but I can see I’ve gotten under her skin somehow. My heart surges painfully in my chest.

“Is something wrong, sweetheart?” I say, reaching across the table to clasp her small hand with my own. “You know you can tell me anything.”

To my surprise, there a sheen of tears in the pretty brunette’s eyes, and she takes a long, shuddering breath before looking at me.

“Well, the truth is that I’m not a nice girl. In fact, I come from a crappy background that pretty much couldn’t be worse. My parents were both drug addicts, so I was in and out of foster care my entire life.”

I nod.

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” is my low growl. “I wish it could have been different.”

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