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When he said “we,” he didn’t mean her, Cami assumed. There was nothing she could do in that regard. Perhaps she could find out more on the gaming side.

But she saw that Connor was waiting expectantly at the door.

“Come on,” he said.

“Me?” she asked. “But…but isn’t that your area of expertise? I mean, I won’t be able to do much.”

He shrugged, looking satisfied for the first time that day. And Cami knew that was because he’d seen she felt out of her depth. She felt worried about where they were going. And he was meanly pleased about it.

“You’re under my supervision, and right now, I have zero trust in you. So, where I go, you go.”

His voice was without any mercy. With misgivings surging inside her, Cami got up. Clutching her phone, she walked to the door.

She was about to view dead bodies for the first time in her life. And worse still, she was supposed to be looking at them and picking up clues of how they’d died?

Cami swallowed, feeling sweat suddenly chill her forehead.

This was really bad. This was the worst job she could ever have imagined. And she had a sinking feeling that Connor was going to do his best to capitalize on her discomfort.

In fact, Cami feared that this trip to the pathologist’s office might even be part of his strategy to force her to quit.

Connor didn’t want her as his partner. He wanted to see her in jail and thought she deserved to be there. Looking at his face, Cami knew he was going to do whatever he could to get her there, starting now.

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