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The first was Aaron Rose. The second was Lucius Donovan, and the third was Roger Stokes.

Quickly, feeling breathless, Cami read the details on the three suspects.

Aaron Rose, age twenty-eight, had worked for Bordercross two years ago. He’d been fired and had gone on to work for a competitor. He lived in suburban Boston and from the file, he seemed to be married with two kids.

Lucius Donovan, age thirty, had quit his job six months ago, walking out one day. He was single and lived alone, and his address was in downtown Boston.

Roger Stokes, age twenty-six, had worked for Bordercross until three months ago, when he was fired. He currently owned a house on the outskirts of town, and he was single.

Cami felt her heart thumping. She looked at the screen. This could be it. One of these names was who it could be.

“We’re checking the physical addresses,” Ethan confirmed.

“We need to get agents to each of the addresses,” Connor said, his voice clipped and alert. “And be prepared. This guy is capable of violence. Be prepared for anything.”

“Who do you and Cami want to take?” Ethan asked Connor.

Cami sat straighter. They were going out too? She’d expected it, but yet she hadn’t.

Chasing down a dangerous, violent criminal, a killer. She knew she had to go. She would be there. She would help, although she wasn’t sure how. But there was no way she was going to back out of this.

As soon as she’d seen the names, Cami had grabbed her phone, looking for any information on these three, anything that could possibly narrow the parameters further.

They all listed gaming as their hobby as well as their work on social media, she saw.

And researching further, she saw that Aaron was on a group that engaged in very dark and violent chat. Would that make it more likely or less likely? She didn’t know but was going to say less likely. The group could be an outlet. The killer would have his sadistic urges pent-up, not expressed to anyone but himself.

“Aaron might be my third choice,” she said nervously.

She thought that Roger Stokes was her first choice but that was just based on his physical appearance. He looked more aggressive than the others, but she couldn’t exactly say that.

“Let’s choose the other two first, then. Ethan, you take Roger Stokes. We’ll take Lucius Donovan. We’ll talk again once they’re ruled out and move on to the next on the list.”

Connor stood up and stared at Cami, and now she saw Connor in his element, a man of action, an experienced agent. Suddenly, she saw him more clearly, and understood better why he acted the way he did. Why he was sometimes so stern and came across as so controlling.

He sounded calm and resolute as he told her, “Come on. We’re going to go catch this killer.”

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