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Iland in front of the third door, fist the knob. “NO!” I try it again but it’s not turning.

Two hundred pounds of Russian mafia man pins me to the locked door. Hard muscle melts to my backside and I can’t do anything. My feet are kicked apart and a thick thigh comes up between my spread legs to settle against my tight core.

I shudder in his hold. And then I move over his leg. Not fast at first but I slowly pick up the pace. The pressure and burn of my shorts pressing into my clit is almost too much. But I can’t get it right where I need it in order to come.

“Let me help.”

My villain reaches around cups my pussy and presses the hard fabric of my shorts against my clit. I gasp and buck in his tight hold.

His cock digs into my ass. Whose? I can’t tell. I’m being held against an unforgiving door. I slam my eyes closed when I rub myself against my captor like a fucking female wolf in heat the spark of electricity makes me moan with need.

It’s wrong.

It’s twisted as fuck.

And I could not be any wetter.

He moves the edge of my shorts to the side and I pound at the door when he drags his finger through my drenched slit. The man takes his wet finger and I hear him lick it clean.

“How sweet does she taste, brother?” Dante or Bastian? Or was that Con speaking? I can’t tell since I can’t move my head and there’s not enough light in this hallway to see much.

“Fucking cotton candy, brother. Virgin juices are always the best.”

The hand is back on my sex and my shorts are being shoved aside for a second time.

“Let’s see what our sweet little birdie thinks.”

A finger is held up to my mouth. “Open,malyshka. Open for me and taste how sweet you are.” When I don’t do as I am commanded, one of them grips my chin and slants their mouth over mine. My lips are forced open and the invasion is by a man determined to take every single thing he wants.

A hand moves to my head, fists my hair, and pulls.

“Mm,” I moan into his mouth and he’s right there eating my cries of pleasure. I try to end the kiss but the second I pull away my head is angled in a way for the next take to take what they want.

“Con,” I gasp as his angular face comes into view.

When my lips open, he slips his finger in replacing the feel of his name on my tongue with the tangy sweetness of my juices.

“Suck it clean.”

His voice is low and raspy.

I do.

“Good girl.”

Between three men it only takes seconds for my clothes to hit the floor. Boots, top, and shorts all in that order.

Dante produces a knife and instead of fearing a man with a weapon, I look on as he slips the cool steel beneath the edge of my front clasp and twists.

I gasp softly as it falls open and my heavy breasts bounce free.

“Fuck, I could come just looking at these babies. He drags the tip of his blade around my aroused nipple once. Twice. I arch into him and shudder under the daring and dark look in his eyes.

He knicks the flesh, pulling a surprised gasp from me.

“Fuck!” I groan from the slight pain of razor-thin metal cutting into delicate flesh.

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