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“I had no idea this could be so good.”

They chuckle low. “We haven’t even begun,malyshka.Our beautiful little birdie.”

I’m burning up from the inside out here and they want to laugh? Can’t they see every nerve ending in my body, every cell floating in my blood feels ready to catch fire? It’s like I have gasoline for blood and the slightest spark will ignite an uncontrollable inferno.

“Please,” I beg softly.

“Say it again,” Con husks, gripping my ass and moving me over his friend. Fuck that’s, good. Every time he pushes forward the head of Dante’s cock nudges my clit.

Instant freaking sparks.

Con drags me back and I can feel my juices smear over his brother’s fat length. Another half an inch and I could have him entering me. I’ll freely give them my virginity if only they would stop torturing me.

Bastian kneels on the bed beside us. His strokes are hard and relentless one minute and slow the next. He squeezes the tip between his thumb and finger making the bulbous head fatter every time he does it. Pre-cum spills over his fingers and I am eager to clean him like I did his friend.

Using his other hand, he coaxes me closer. He paints my lips with his pre-cum and I lick it off with each pass.

“Beautiful. Now take me.” His hold on the back of my head doesn’t let up when I open for him. His fat head spreads my lips impossibly wide. He glides over my tongue and I take an inch, another unsure of how much I can fit. He doesn’t have the same problem. My Russian lover pushes his hips forward, forcing more of himself inside my mouth. I gasp for air but I find it impossible to breathe around his thickness.

My hands come to his thighs and I dig my nails into his muscles. It only drives him deeper.

Dante takes that moment to wrap his mouth around my nipple. He sucks me in deep before sinking his teeth into the taut flesh.

“Arg!” I scream or at least try to. It’s hard to do anything but moan with my mouth full of cock. My world burns to the ground and comes back to life in a flash. One second I am ash and the next the flames release me and I’m being pushed to new limits. Pain and pleasure.

Oh, fuck! I glide over his cock and make Bastian groan just as loud as I do. Dante’s torture of my nipples increases. He grips the delicate flesh of my breasts, squeezing and kneading the flesh with expert hands. I won't be surprised if I’m bruised come morning.

Tears slip out and run down my cheek. Not from pain but the excruciating mix of pleasure pinging off my senses.

“God, you’re perfect. Don’t cry,krasavitsa.” Bastian backs off and I inhale harshly when he slips from my swollen lips.

I feel the heat of the others watching.

The beast of a man between my legs fists his massive cock and I hiss when he circles my clit with hard, punishing strokes.

He doesn’t let up. Behind me, Con holds my hips in place so there’s no moving way. No stopping them. No escape from Dante’s delicious torture to my clit.

I know the outcome before I try, but that doesn’t stop me from pushing at Con and Bastian.

“It’s too much!” I scream around the raspy panting. I try to break away, but Con is behind me, driving his cock into the seam of my ass. He grinds against me, hard and hot. To my horror, heat and hunger claw through me and I find myself rocking my hips into Dante at my front and Con at my rear.

I move harder against Dante’s cock, driving the head of his shaft against my aching clit. At my rear, Con caresses the head of his cock over my pink entrance and the wave of ecstasy is sudden. A wall of pleasure wells up and crashes over me. I breathe heavily and claw at anything for purchase so I don’t fall over Dante.

Bastian strokes himself beside us and God, he’s huge. So fucking thick I’m dying to find out what he will feel like when he finally opens me wide and pushes every last inch of his gorgeous cock inside me.

“Again,” he tells Dante who grunts.

My eyes go wide.

“What…I can’t possibly. No!”

My body…it can’t take more.

Bastian spreads my pussy lips so his brother can have better access to my clit. Dante teases the head of his cock over me again and again and we are right back to me begging them to stop and them not listening.

Do I thank them or curse them? I don’t know. It hurts so good.

I scream through my release and give up trying to fight for air. It’s not coming. Only the strength of Con’s arm around my middle is keeping me from collapsing.

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