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I don’t know how much more I can take. One licks my ass, giving me pleasure where I’ve never known pleasure before. Another gently eases me, preparing my channel to be taken while the other claims my mouth.

Dante locks eyes with his best friend behind me and I know they are having a silent conversation. Dante eases deeper inside my virgin pussy and Con is right there easing me down. They work together and from one second to the next I go from innocent to downright filthy.

I release Bastian and cry out.

Strong arms wrap around me and I lean back into them as Dante begins to move inside me. He has no plans on waiting for my untried flesh to grow accustomed to his massive size.

He works his shaft deep inside me and I can do nothing to cling to Con for support. I can feel his hard erection dig into my ass and for the first time in my life, I want someone taking me there. Out of my own free will.

I turn my eyes up to him and I guess he sees something there that has him pausing. His glittery amber eyes hold mine.

“One day I’ll make it good for you, beautiful little birdie. Tonight, let’s get that cherry popped the right way.”

His dark gaze is filled with knowledge. What he doesn’t say fills the corners of the large room. He knows. Of course, he doesn’t know all the sorted details, but he knows I have suffered at the hands of another and he listens to my unspoken fears.

Con reaches around and cups my sex. “Let's make this a night that will erase whatever nightmares you face.” His fingers find my clit and he begins to stroke me like a man who always gets what he wants.

And I give it to him.

My pussy clamps around Dante with another orgasm and I let it have free reign. It crashes over me and I’m pulsating and clenching Dante so hard I can feel his orgasm rushing forward.

His punishing grip on my hips grounds me and I turn my eyes on him just as his hot milk spills into me.

“Fuck!” he roars into the room pumping into me harder and faster. He murmurs something in his native language I can’t make out.

“Did you come good for Dante,krasivaya?” Con rumbles straight into my ear.

I nod. “So good.” I can still feel the heat running through my veins from the first. After what…three? Four? I’m practically puddy.

Suddenly, I am lifted off his cock which is wet with our mixed juices and blood. My virgin blood. My thighs and his are drenched from me and now his milk.

Dante’s chest rises and falls harshly. He looks chiseled from stone. A perfect specimen of a man well pleasured.

His wicked look meant for his brother throws me off for a second but Bastian knows what the other man wants apparently. Bastian fists Dante’s shaft and takes him in his mouth.

I can’t look away as he cleans Dante of our shared milk and my blood.

“Bastian. Dante,” I croak. Them feeling so comfortable with themselves makes a part of me envious.

Bastian takes every last inch of Dante’s cock in his mouth, releases him, and raises to cup my face between his hands. His eyes hold mine. It would be a mistake to think this man is asking permission. No. The glimmer of darkness in his eyes is warning me of what is to come.

My breath catches in my throat. “You wouldn’t.”

His eyes darken with sinful intent. His mouth slants over mine and I immediately open.

What other choice do I have? I moan as his tongue swipes over mine. My eyes fly open and meet his as our tongues tangle against each other. His lips turn hungry and he kisses me until I’m trembling for air. And then he takes it deeper still.

A hand on my back urges us to move and Bastian reads into Con’s impatience. We break away panting and gasping. My hands fly to his bulging biceps and I cling to him suddenly lightheaded.

“You’re impossibly beautiful with virgin blood on your lips and my brother’s cum dripping from your mouth.”

Con grunts behind me and it breaks the spell Bastian holds over me only to replace it with another for Dante when I turn my attention to him. He watched the whole exchange between me and Bastian and from the expression of raw lust on his handsome face, he likes what he witnessed.

“Fine, brother, have it your way this time. But she loves tasting herself and sharing.”

Con grunts again and I turn to look at him over my shoulder. “What a filthy little birdie,” he taunts, wearing a smug smile.

“Yourfilthy little birdie for the night.”

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