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“Something wrong, little birdie?” Con growls. His face looks seriously wicked sitting in the dark with only a splash of blue for lighting.

“Nope. You three are not the only ones with surprises.”

“Come here.” Dante drags me over his lap and I gasp from the friction against the anal plug.

“Oh, fuck! Dante!” Air whooshes out and I inhale just as harshly.

His hands slide around my waist, pulling my ass snugly against his hard cock. He rocks his hips and with every forward thrust, he nudges the plug in just the right way to have me nearing the edge of an orgasm. I clamp my legs in the hopes it helps relieve some of the pressure that has been building ever since the private plane. It does not help much. The fire stirring inside has slowly built up until flames are swirling through my core like a fire tornado.

My mom would be either proud of me for the way I’ve handled tonight or deeply disappointed with the idea of having three lovers at once.

I send up a silent prayer for forgiveness and give in to the dark desires they lure from the depths of my soul.

“Our poor little birdie. Did you suffer while you waited for us to finish with the men of Genesis?”

As he talks, Dante edges the hem of my sweater dress up my thighs. Bastian helps him the last few inches until I’m no longer covered by beige cashmere. Instead, I have three men pouncing on me and each of them looks hungrier than the last. Hands slide down my belly and push my thighs open wide. Other hands move up to cup my breasts as another set grips my ass possessively.

“Do you know why we put the plug in that delectable ass?” Dante asks.

“To torment me all night.”

“To teach you how to school your expression under the gaze and scrutiny of others. Being by our sides makes you our partner. When people see you, they see us.”

Con comes to settle on one knee in front of me. He takes one leg and slowly peels me open until all my intimate parts are on full display. “And you did beautifully. With you in our world, we have to do everything there is to make sure you are protected.”

Bastian leans his substantial weight over and his lips are a breath away from mine when he says, “And we hoped you would see you had the power to end anything you didn’t want. Giving us that fuckable ass is your decision.”

“I know.” And I did. I had the power. I know I did. I felt it, but I also felt the need for the pleasure their actions brought me. It overrode everything inside me that would have stopped me from enjoying this moment with them. I spread my thighs even wider and his gaze drops to the V of my legs.

“Mm. Were you this wet during our meeting,malyshka?Be honest.”

“Wet? I was dripping so much that I thought I would be standing in a puddle of my juices. I kept looking down.” I hold the air in my lungs and savor the strength spreading through. I just realized something. Every word I just told them is true. Not too long ago I would be shivering with fear of what a man could do to me. The power that could be wielded over me.

My men didn’t take anything away from me. Instead, they handed it to me.

I begin to breathe heavier. These men unknowingly have shown what the right men can do to a woman’s body.

Unaware of my inner revelation, they laugh softly and the masculine sound does what it always does to me. My pussy clenches which causes every other muscle down there to constrict. My only answer to the rush of adrenaline spiking my system is to give my body what it wants. I run a hand over the bunched cashmere and stroke my middle finger over my slick clit. The pulse of need throbbing there is slowly driving me crazy.

Con leans in and runs his tongue from the seam of my pussy all the up to replace my fingers.

Bastian guides my leg to settle against his shoulder. He traces the tips of his fingers up the back of my thigh and down the inside. With each pass, he grows closer to where I want his touch the most.

“Bastian, please,” I beg. He reaches for the plug and when his fingers slide around the rose petals, I rock my hips to help create the friction I am after. The rose has been inside me so long my nerve endings are literally on fire. The slightest movement has me writhing on Dante’s lap. The unmistakable bulge of his hard cock has me wondering if we should skip the club and just fulfill our fantasies here.

But I have a bigger purpose for tonight and it goes beyond just fun.

Focus, Laila.

Bastian gently tugs on the plug causing me to lose my mind. I slap a hand over my mouth and scream through the uncontrollable sensations rocketing from my core outward. He does it again. Not to free it from my body but to send a bolt of heat through me. This time I moan quietly and open for Dante’s kiss as he swallows my sounds of pleasure.

A knock on the window sends another kind of jolt through me and I don’t know if the anticipation of the orgasm Con is building inside me, of what I am about to tell them, or the chances of getting caught in a compromising position.

Con moves back to his seat, wiping his mouth with a silk handkerchief he pulls from the inside of his jacket, and the other two help right my dress. “Until later then.”


The car slows to a stop and Dante opens the door. He steps out of the limo with me in his arms.

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