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So I give it to her. Her eyes drink in every inch of skin she reveals as each of the buttons slips from their holes.

I’m a mere few inches from having her sweet nipples in my mouth, her delectable pussy encasing my hard shaft.

I keep my hands at my sides until she raises them and releases the cuff links. They clatter to the table.

Shoes, pants, and boxers are gone, leaving me fully naked for our woman. My hard, dripping cock juts toward her.

I grip the length and work every inch in slow strokes. Pre-cum drips liberally from the swollen head.

“Are you already wet for us?” I keep my words no higher than a whisper. “Tell me, sweet little birdie, is that pussy already clenching and hungry for our cocks.” Her hair is silk through my fingers and she loses her balance for a moment. I steady her with a hand on her elbow and let her lean into me, our bodies touching from knees to chest. My strength is hers. Everything I am is hers.

Her hard nipples pebble tighter and I lick my lips. She has no idea the fire she is playing with. She might have control tonight, but tomorrow and all the days after will she use it against us? Or respect the power she is slowly gaining over me and my brothers?

Her chest rises and falls with shuddering breaths. The sight of her quivering bust is beautiful and I can’t get enough of how gorgeous she looks flustered.

“One taste. Just one. Please just release some of the pressure.”

I tip her head up so I can see all of her face. “Is that what you want?”

She nods, clutching her lip in a painful bite.

“It’s your show.” I catch my brothers’ gazes and they come up behind her.

Con leans her weight into him as I lift a smooth leg to drape over my shoulder. The sweet scent of her arousal strokes against my senses and my already hardening shaft turns hard as steel.

“I would fight back the demons of hell to have this sweet heaven as my only sustenance for an eternity,” I murmur over the soft, wet flesh of her folds.

She doesn’t hear my hushed words but they were not meant for her anyway.

I run my hands up the backs of her smooth, creamy legs. All the way up until I have her bare ass in my hands.

I dig each of my fingers into her tight flesh and squeeze.

“Bastian, your touch…” She’s been so flustered since we put in her anal plug it’s any wonder she’s still standing.

Dante reaches for her folds and using both thumbs he peels back her pussy lips to show the swollen nub tucked inside.

Throbbing, red and so ready for a tongue-lashing. No other men will have her sweet flesh on their tongues. She’s ours. Her moans, her girl-cum, her sinfully sexy purrs, and screams.

They are all ours.

The second my tongue hits her clit, she’s screaming into the large room. I smile and sucks the nub between my lips and pull on the plug at the same time.

Her release is instant. Primal. And it’s my undoing.

She clamps her thighs together. Or tries. But I hold her open and lash her pussy with my tongue and don’t let up until her moans and screams turn to pants.

Pre-cum drips down my cock. I stand and position the head at her entrance. Holding her gaze, I thrust inside her tight, hot channel.

“Fuck yes!” I roar.

“Bastian, God, what’s happening? I can’t stop.” Nails dig into my forearms. Tight muscles grip my cock and she rocks her hips nearly milking me with her moves.

“Come for us, Laila. Give us everything you want us to have.”

She’s coming around me for a second time and the look of pure bliss on her face is almost my second undoing. My brothers hold her writhing body. Dante sucks one nipple as Con takes the other. Together we work her.

I drag the length of my cock out. With only an inch inside, I dip and retreat, teasing her and letting her feel just a sample of what it will be like when two of us take her at once. Her hips move over me. I drop my head back and force my orgasm from the brink of taking over.

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