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I don’t have a chance to digest those words. Marriage? Blood in?

Bastian lifts me off his cock and my chest are pressed into him.

Dante is behind me and kneeling between Bastian’s legs. Con taps my chin and I turn my cheek into his open palm. I thought he would be feeding me his cock but he just kneels at his brother’s head waiting.

His shoulders are wide and his waist is trim. The only thought repeating in my head is wanting to see Bastian deep-throat him.

But I’m also a greedy bitch and what the drops of pre-cum leaking from Con’s cock all for myself.

I open and slide his length over my tongue. I take him in deeper and deeper until I can’t take another inch.

His hands rest on either side of my face. Bastian holds my hair to the side.

“Take me a little deeper. I need to feel the back of that throat. I won’t be complete without knowing your mouth is all mine.” He puts my hands on his thighs and guides my mouth over the head of his cock. He sinks past my lips with smooth strokes, touching the back of my throat.

Behind me, Dante poises his cock at my slick entrance and sinks into me. A gasp breaks free. It’s muffled by Con taking everything he wants from my mouth.

Their dark aura holds mine close and all the pain of the past melts away to unwanted memories. I know what is coming next. They’ve forced me into wanting it and now that I have found pleasure where I have only known pain, the anticipation of what I’ve yet to experience has my hands shaking. Now that I feel ready, I’m not scared of the unknown. But I’m wholly terrified of craving it more than I should

But focus is ripped from me. Dante pulls out and Bastian takes over fucking me. Pleasure roars through me and I’m left breathless once again. Unable to think, only feel. Bastian grips my hips and pounds into me. He slams home once, twice and I’m creaming all over him.

I release Con for a moment. “God, how do you drag them out of me on command?” I slap Con’s thigh with frustration and awe.


“No!” Yes? I planned this night but it’s them driving the ship.

That’s all I’m allowed to say before Con is right back to gliding his length down my throat.

You would think Dante would be gentle, but no. He reaches for my clit while he takes my pulsating pussy with hard thrusts.

“Come again. I want to feel you clench me tight like you did my brother.”

His fingers are punishing against my clit. I thrash against Bastian’s hold on me and fight to release Con, but neither allows me to move.

Muscles clench and fire barrels through me. I’m falling into the deadly flames and consumed by yet another orgasm under their rough hands.

“Oh fuck,” I scream.

This is wild, untamed, unrehearsed. There’s no way I ever want this to stop. For once I let go and let myself live in the moment. My heart pounds. Blood roars in my ears and renewed hunger stirs to life like I didn’t just live through the most powerful orgasm of my life.

“I can’t anymore.” My arms shake from holding myself up.

Strong arms wrap around my waist and I know I’m safe taking every hard thrust Dante gives with Bastian there to hold me steady.

Dante pulls out and Bastian takes his place. They take turns fucking me and with each hard, claiming thrust I feel every ridge of the anal plug. If they are not pulling on it, they are pushing.

I slap at Con’s thighs.

“Take it, Laila,” he commands.

I don’t know if he’s talking about his cock or what his brothers are doing to me. I’m trying my best but I can’t breathe. I can’t see. They have blindfolds, yet I’m the one deprived of my senses. All but one. The arousal they’ve stirred inside me. It’s taking over and all my body wants is more and more.

More of the tingling aftershocks, the heat, the all-consuming fire. I can only feelthemand nothing else.

Never in my life have I had something this wild happen to me. The last three months have been tame in comparison. Like they were treating me with kid gloves.

Con weaves my hair around his hand and drags me closer still. Draped over Bastian like this, my ass is primed for anything Dante wants and damn does he look hungry.

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