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She’s on her knees in front of me, thankfully off her ankle. Small victories.

With her ready, I brace myself as she kisses my cockhead and then runs her tongue up and down my length, preparing me for the intensity of what’s to come.

Opening her mouth good and wide for me, she wraps those delightful lips right around my cock, and wastes no time consuming me whole. She’s built her confidence quickly. Our intense trysts have shown that there's little we can do to one another that we won’t absolutely adore, and she’s doing well in transforming from sweet little virgin to insatiable cocksucker.

When she takes all of me in, God, it’s so damn incredible. The surge of it all coming my way, the tightness of her mouth around me, all of it so potent and strong. The way she looks up at me with such eagerness as she takes me deeper and deeper. Her tongue sliding around me down there.

I caress her head. She’s so eager to please and I’m so eager to accept her. I run my fingers through her hair.

The thought of having her like this for the rest of my days, the thought of being able to taste her, enjoy her, and everything else, it’s heaven all its own. To have her as my constant companion and soulmate is even better than all that. I never thought myself a saint, but damn, what did I do in my past life to deserve this?

She’s bobbing up and down on my cock, skillfully stroking it when her mouth isn’t doing the job. I completely believe her when she says she’s never done it before, and that this is all enthusiasm and the desire to quickly learn.

She makes me so weak in the knees, it’s a struggle to stay standing with everything she’s doing to me. I’m surprised I’m not falling over from the sheer intensity of how she’s sucking my cock.

I can’t resist her for long. She wants a drink straight from the source and she knows how to get what she wants. I’m trembling as she licks up precum and just sucks me harder as a way of demanding more.

And I can’t help but give it to her. The tension built inside of me gives way to orgasm, the release so potent and powerful, surging through my entire being.

I erupt into her mouth, which is tightly closed around my cock. She knows it’s coming, and is deepthroating me to get every last drop of it she can from me.

Even Cookie has her limits though. My cum explodes out of me, some of it leaking out of her mouth and turning her into the sexiest mess I’ve ever seen.

“You’re just too damn good at that, babe,” I say, caressing her.

“I know exactly what I want. It’s you, and everything about you, Baker.”

I help her to her feet and embrace her. I hold her close, kiss her. I don’t care if she sucked my cock just now, as far as I’m concerned both she and I are one, and we enjoy one another to the absolute fullest.

“There’s no way a man can resist falling in love with that,” I say to her. “I love you, Cookie. And I can’t wait to see where our love takes us.”

“I love you too... and I think it’s going to take us on some very fun and very wild adventures, Baker.”

The past twenty-four hours have been the most exciting of my life, and I played professional sports for a decade and a half.

I have to say that her analysis of our future is absolutely correct.

I can’t wait.




Oh sweet, sweet Ginger. How precious she is.

Baker and I didn’t waste any time. We spent the whole week between Christmas and New Year’s getting to know one another and definitely deciding that our lust was love. He proposed on Valentine's Day and I revealed that I was already a few weeks pregnant when I said yes to him.

We fast-tracked the marriage, saying our vows in June, me wearing a nice little baby bump to go with my flowing white gown as I walked down the aisle.

We had a sweet little honeymoon in Hawaii and now we’re back in Linesworth enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Which is more of a vacation for me than the honeymoon. I don’t know if it’s because I'm pregnant, but I’ve always liked the chilly winters more than the hot summers, especially in a place like Hawaii.

Now it’s the first Christmas Eve of our marriage, our lovely baby daughter only a few months old. I caress her cheek, she is sound asleep, and I double-check to make sure the baby monitor is working. It’s time to give Baker his Christmas present, but I know that babies don’t really develop respect for the holiday until maybe their third birthday if you’re lucky.

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