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I’m in a nice lacey set of red lingerie, appropriate for the season – a bright red thong with garters and a bra that hardly covers anything. My big, plump tits overflowing the cups. My figure recovered nicely since the birth, but even if it hadn’t, I don’t think Baker would have cared. He was all over me throughout all nine months of the pregnancy, and part of me expects he wants to get me back into that shape as soon as he can.

I grab the red Santa hat with the little white ball at the end, and saunter down the stairs, seeing my love sitting on the sofa, his laptop open. He’s not the type to work himself to death, especially on Christmas Eve, so whatever he’s doing isn’t remotely important.

So I stand in front of him, hands on my hips, chest out, and giving him the look I have worked hard to perfect these past few months.

It’s hard to see how much progress I’ve made, since no matter how I look at him, he’s ready and raring to take me.

Baker sees me, and switches from his ‘mildly interested internet browsing’ face to his ‘I want to fuck you’ face.

The laptop is gently set down on the side table moments after.

“I’m ready for my milking, Santa,” I say in my most seductive of voices.

“Oh ho ho ho,” he replies, enjoying our little roleplay. “Santa does like milk with his Cookie.”

I then sit down on Santa’s lap, placing the hat on his head, and he’s more than ready to accept me. We share a brief kiss before his attention is drawn elsewhere, those lips of his going lower on my body toward my bra. Wanting to waste no time, I unhook it, and let my still-sensitive breasts fall free.

He’s quick to seize on the opportunity. Baker’s mouth playfully latches onto my tits, and he suckles me.

My breasts are so sensitive now, I can’t help but gasp when he kisses them. Pregnancy has made them literally full of milk and has made bra shopping a bit of a pain, but the joys Baker brings me easily outweigh any inconveniences.

I know as long as Ginger and Baker keep at me, though, they’ll stay full, and I have more than enough for both of them.

Baker shows proper attention to both of my tits, little prickling sensations shooting through both of them.

My smile grows as I enjoy his lips around my teats. He’s tender, but not so light that I don’t even feel him there, still firm enough to stimulate me in the right places.

All the while his hands explore my body, leaving gooseflesh in his fingers’ wake. Down the rest of my form, my thighs, my ass, zeroing in on the area between my legs. His left hand runs over the thong, pushing the slip of satin aside, and his fingers stroke my throbbing pussy. I have gotten to know his touch so well over the past year, and I’ve never grown tired of it. If anything, my anticipation for everything he can do to me has only grown.

I yearn for every suckle, every sip of my milk, the jolts of bliss so wonderful. I don’t think he’s getting very much milk out of the exchange, but I don’t think he cares either. He applies more and more pressure, with tender lip-to-lip kisses between them. We’re both giggling, having the time of our lives, and I unbutton his shirt to get at that manly chest of his.

I lean into him with a whisper. “The doctor says I’m as recovered as I need to be, Baker.”

“Oh? It’s time?”

I nod with a smile. You never want to go smashing in after something as major as giving birth. We have sated one another’s lusts in other ways since Ginger entered our lives, but we’re both eager to go back to the old-fashioned way, the way that will help our family grow, because we certainly don’t want our new baby to grow up an only child.

“Yeah, it’s time. I know you got plenty saved up for me, Santa. I’m ready to get my gift,” I say as I slide off him, slyly doing a striptease with what little I have on, until all I am wearing are the garters, because I knew he’s the type of man who likes them, and I’ll do anything I can to drive him a little bit more crazy.

I shake my ass at him, and that’s all he needs to be on me. He steps behind me, his hands holding my big, milky tits again, massaging me, letting the bliss surge through me as he kneads my breasts. He spins me back around, my pussy aching for his big, thick cock to fill me up.

I undo his slacks and let them fall to the floor, and he steps out of them. I take hold of his big, meaty cock, already rock-hard for me. I expect nothing less. It rubs against my pussy lips.

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