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His cock easily finds my center, giving me what I’ve thirsted for so strongly these past few months. Feeling him fill me up me, the great surge that comes with his huge dick, I absolutely fucking love every bit of it. He fills me so damn well, and I cry out for him.

“Oh how I need this, you. How I’ve waited for this,” he whispers, the heat of his breath tickling my ear.

“I’ve missed your cock inside of me so much.”

He responds to my words with a powerful thrust, a dominant surge of sensation rippling through me and almost knocking me over. He’s there to catch me and to hold me, though, guiding me down to the plush carpet, and holding me steady with his hands on my hips.

This carpet is a common destination of our love for one another, and I have to say I’m grateful Baker invested in something so comfortable long ago.

On all fours now, he’s behind me, fucking me gently but at an increasing pace. We’re like animals, and neither of us would deny it. Both of us are going for maximum pleasure and enjoyment, without any restraint or decency. We're here for one another and only for one another.

Every thrust is met by the buckling of my hips. We’ve learned so much about one another, and are in tune with one another’s desires so completely now. Our sex has only gotten better, the passion of a new love never truly fading.

It’s all I can ever wish for. A man who loves me more than anything, and the start of a wonderful family. This is only the start of countless blissful decades we’ll spend together, and I’ll be devoted to him forever more, just as he’ll be devoted to me.

Although there may be years between us, it’s nothing when our hearts want what they want.

As Baker fucks me, building such pressure and anticipation in me, I can only smile and yearn for the future to come, fueled forever by our undying love and lust.

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