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God, it’s so good. It’s great. Fantastic. Marvelous. I can barely think of anything but words like that, my mind’s desperate attempts to try to understand what’s happening to me.

It hits me, and hits me hard. I must be screaming for him, but I can’t perceive anything but my own pleasure. It rocks me, ravages me, and I want it to last forever.

It unfortunately doesn’t, but I don’t hold that against him.

I’m soon left panting, covered in cold sweat, more than enjoying everything that has just happened between us.

His job done, he lies down beside me, naked and holding his head up with a single hand. “Damn, woman, yours is the sweetest cookie I’ve ever tasted.”

I laugh softly. “And you’ve got the tastiest milk I’ve ever licked off my finger.”

“I’m not complaining one bit, but I’m surprised that a girl your age who is a virgin is so adventurous and willing to share her body.”

A smirk hits my face. “Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I don’t have desires, Baker. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring my body, mostly with my hands. I’ve spent countless nights wishing for the right man who will treat me right, and I mean that. I want a man, not a boy. And that’s all there was in my high school years. A whole lot of selfish boys who I couldn’t see myself trusting to give me a good time.”

“And I’m different?”

I nod enthusiastically. “Very. I want a real mountain man, and I’m not shy about saying it.”

He laughs. “Yet you were very much shy when you came in here. Barely making eye contact, making me feel incredibly guilty.”

I shove him uselessly. “Like you were much better, mister ‘watch me from afar, order loads of milk just to have me walk up to your house every few days.’ Not exactly assertive.”

“Hey, I had doubts if you wanted an old fogey like me. I’m over the hill, you know. I’ll be forty in a few years.”

“You poor thing. Almost forty and still so unbelievably sexy.”

“I’ll survive. And you will too. It seems that as we lie here side by side, naked as the Lord intended us to be, we’ve gotten over our nervousness.”

“Uh huh,” my eyes drift down his body, taking him in. Despite his delivering me such a fantastic orgasm, my desires for him still throb within me so damn strong. More so as I see his cock twitch and come back to life. “You’re hard again.”

“Seeing you and hearing you come is the sexiest thing I can imagine, Cookie. You’re amazing enough to overpower biology itself.”

I giggle uncontrollably as I reach between his legs and take hold of his cock. “Well then, I did say that I wanted to taste your milk, hot and straight from the source, didn’t I?”

He caresses my cheek. “There will always be plenty for you, babe.”

I look him up and down one more time before I make my move. With his beard and his build, he reminds me of a hot, sexy, younger Santa Claus.

It’s silly, but it makes me laugh, and more importantly, it’s easy to psyche myself up to take on the duties of one Mrs. Claus.

It’s time to take a drink of Santa’s milk.



She’s so goddamn beautiful that it’s too much for me to even comprehend. Having her lying there, that magical smile of hers enchanting me the whole time.

It’s no wonder I’ve been hard since I brought her in, short of the few minutes after she made me explode.

Her gaze alone is enough to get me going, not to mention the naked curves of her entire form and her utter eagerness to please me.

She slides down my body, those dainty hands driving me wild as she makes every hair of mine prickle and rise in anticipation. With her hands around my cock, I throb with need for her, already addicted to what she can do to me. She jerks me, going lower, licking her lips at the idea of sucking my cock.

Her luscious locks drape over my legs as she runs a finger down my cock, then she puts a playful little kiss on my tip. She massages my balls as she opens her mouth, sliding my cock slowly between her pink, pouty lips.

It’s very clear that this is her first time doing such a thing. She’s cautious, yet curious, taking it slow. I caress her cheek, and pull her hair out of her face, giving her silent encouragement to keep doing what she desires to do. She takes me deeper in that little mouth of hers, her lips so tight around me, as she happily takes me further down her throat. She licks me as she does so, adding another layer of intensity to everything that she’s doing.

She takes me deeper and deeper, driven to please me so intensely. All of her around me is goddamn heaven, every bit of what she’s doing drives me wild, surges of bliss shooting all the way through me and testing me already. I came so hard from her hands alone, and now that she’s using both her hands and her mouth together?

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