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When I push it up, I find she left her underwear behind.


Sexy nightwear and no panties. Ellie is my perfect woman, real, warm, and already shivering with anticipation.

I’m torn between rushing and taking my time because of where we are and who’s asleep in rooms separated only by thin walls. I can’t imagine that Ellie locked my door on her way in, either. The locks in this house are clunky and loud. The risk would have been too great.

But as I kiss over the curve of her belly, already scenting her arousal, going fast becomes impossible. Making this woman moan is my sole focus. Building up to her pleasure is what I need. Proving that she made the right decision when she came to my bed is my mission.

Her legs are slack with anticipation as I rest my rough palms against her soft thighs. There’s no resistance as I use my thumbs to spread her pussy, finding soft, wet flesh, just begging for my tongue.

A shiver of anticipation runs up my spine, and my balls tighten in readiness for what my body hopes is coming.

Ellie’s body shifts under my palms impatiently.

Leaning closer, I brush her sweet clit with the tip of my nose, using my tongue to find her tight little hole. Shit. This is so much better than the closet. No need to rush. No awkward angles. Knowing it’s Ellie whose body is opening and quivering at my touch.

She tastes like I remember. Sweet with a side of eagerness, as desperate to come as I am to make her. It’s then that I realize why she chose me first. I’m a known entity—a guaranteed orgasm. If I could work out her body in seven minutes in the darkness of a closet, I’ll have no trouble playing her like a maestro in my bed.

I smile as I run my tongue along her folds, searching out the tight bud of her clit. She whimpers as her hand grips my hair. It’s like she doesn’t know whether to push me closer or pull me away. More would feel so good, but more could also be too much. It’s always fascinated me how pleasure and pain exist in such proximity. Even more how one can be triggered by the other.

“Don’t worry,” I murmur, flicking my tongue. “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

“Please,” she gasps, and I can’t help but blink with shock in the inky darkness. Ellie isn’t the kind of girl I ever imagined begging for anything. She’s tough and a little frosty, always on the defensive. She’s a person who never shows her feelings but would kill for her friends and family. It just shows how different a someone can be once they’ve surrendered to losing their tough outer shell.

“It’s okay, baby,” I whisper. “Just lay back and relax, and I’ll take care of everything.”

It’s as though I’ve uttered the secret code, the open sesame to Ellie’s metaphorical cave. Her legs drop further open, and her hand leaves the mess of my hair and flops to rest on the pillow by her head. She surrenders entirely to my ministrations, and it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I love eating out. There’s so much power in taking a woman to the point where she’s clawing and incoherent, leaving her hanging at that moment between tension and release. The vulnerability that comes after when their thoughts aren’t quite their own is amazing, too.

I feast on Ellie’s body, using my mouth and my fingers, twisting inside her while I tease her most sensitive place, watching her body undulate and her eyelids flutter, watching her get ready to tumble over the edge into oblivion. I savor every moment because who knows if this is a one-off or if she’s planning on making midnight visits to my room a regular thing? And when her thighs clamp tightly around my head and fingers almost tear my hair from its roots, I know I’ve given her what she came for. What I don’t know is if that’s it. Will she get up now and leave?

My cock is like an iron bar between my thighs. Whether she goes or stays, he’s going to require some attention.

Climbing over her, I press kisses above her navel and between her breasts, feeling the heaving of her ribcage as she pants for air. I watch every second of the aftermath of a very spectacular orgasm, and I don’t give a fuck if I sound like an arrogant douchebag. There are many things a man needs to know about life. How to walk into a room with presence, give a firm handshake, and open a bottle of champagne, but nothing is more important than how to make a woman’s knees turn to jelly.

When Ellie’s eyes open, she stares up at me as though she’s seeing me for the first time.

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