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My urge toclaim Josie has been there every time I’ve seen her, but I’ve suppressed it every single time. But now, that urge has reached a crescendo that I can no longer ignore. Now my blood is a torrent of fire as it rushes straight to my cock. My heart is pounding in my chest, sounding in my ears, and every muscle in my body feels tight as I stare at the sexiest little thing to ever exist.

This can’t be happening. She shouldn’t want you.

That’s all I can think as she stands there naked, staring at me with starry eyes filled with lust. But the sound of my beating heart and the raging desire pouring through me overpowers that doubt in my mind, and I take two steps forward and snatch her tiny body into my arms.

Our lips meet in a kiss that contains such energy it could shatter the universe. I probe for her tongue with mine and find it as my hands explore the soft, smooth skin of her body. My cock is a thick pulsing rod inside my pants, aching to be let out of its cage of fabric where it’s been contained for far too long.

I pop the top button and unzip my fly with one hand, relieving some of the pressure, and as I do, feel a warm, slick wetness on the back of my middle knuckle. A moan spills out of Josie’s mouth, and I look down to see her shaved slit glistening with arousal.

She wasn’t lying when she said she wanted me.

Seeing this drives me to a whole new level of arousal. I don’t understand how this is happening—how a girl who looks like Josie could even be interested in me, let alone inviting me to take her. Women have never shown much interest in me. My own mother even left me when I was a child. A girl like Josie should be being hit up by celebrities on Instagram, not with a monster like me in a house in the woods that’s barely even standing.

But if she wants me, there’s no way I’m going to deny her. I couldn’t—even if I wanted to.

I drag my forefinger up the cleft between her soaked folds, drawing a long, drawn-out moan from her perfect lips. It’s like stepping into a dream—a dream I’ve had about her since the first time I saw her.

I part her gently and find her button with ease. She gasps as I apply just the right amount of pressure, and I watch with pride as her face is overwhelmed with pleasure. “How’s that feel, sweetie?”

“Yes,” she gasps, nodding adamantly. “G-g-g…”


She clutches my shoulder as though she might fall over. A tremble courses through her, and I smile. This is like heaven for me. I’m dying to be inside of her, but Christ if I couldn’t spend the rest of the night just pleasuring her like this and watching her reactions.

“Take out my cock, sweetie,” I whisper to her. Her body shaking, she reaches down with both hands and takes my pulsing rod from my pants. She looks down at it, and her eyes go wide.

“Oh…my…” She examines it, running her fingers all the way from the hilt to the crown. Yes, she’s a virgin, all right. She doesn’t have to be questioned for me to know the answer. I can tell just by her fascination and the way she’s inspecting my hard steel.

“That’s right,” I tell her. “Now suck it.”

I wrap my hand through her golden hair as she drops obediently to her knees. She opens wide and leans forward, and then it’s my turn to let out a deep moan as she takes me into her mouth.

Josie may be a virgin, but she wastes no time getting right to it. She sucks aggressively, causing her cheeks to hollow as she looks up at me with those perfect blue globes that seem to stare directly into my soul.

“That’s it. Good girl. Get it nice and wet.”

“Yes, sir,” she replies, lifting her mouth from my cock and drawing her lips and tongue up the length of my shaft, bathing it in a shining layer of her spit.

Sir? Where did that come from?

But I don’t even have to ask. Josie smiles devilishly up at me and says, “Vincent made me call him sir. But I’m tired of that. I’d much rather callyousir if you’re okay with that…sir.”

“Oh, yes,” I reply, overflowing with desire for the goddess kneeling before me. “I think I can handle that. Doyouthink you can handle my whole cock down your throat?”

Josie’s eyes thin, and her lips twist into an even more playfully wicked grin.

“Maybe if you help me, sir.”

My cock pulses, and I quickly feel myself starting to lose self-control.

“Take a breath,” I tell her. She does, and I watch as her two perfect breasts rise as her chest expands. Then I push her head down on my cock.

She takes the first half with no problem at all, but then comes the sticking point. She looks up at me with a look that lets me know she badly wants to take it all. So I help her along.

“Head down, relax,” I tell her as I apply more pressure. “You can do it, baby. Just like this.”

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