But then, everything moved in slow motion.

I was so close to piercing his chest when his eyes flashed open, and his hands grasped my wrists. The world spun around me, and there was a split second when I heard my dagger fly across the room before I found myself pinned to the bed with Kai above me, his gray eyes piercing into mine. Only he didn’t see me, he saw Draya. His breaths came out fast, his cock growing hard against my leg as he held my arms above my head.

“I knew you’d come back,” he said, his gaze moving down to my lips. “Ella.” My blood ran cold as I froze beneath him. Then, when his eyes met mine again, he smiled. “That’s right, Princess. I know it's you in there disguised as Draya.”

I wanted to hold onto the rage within me but failed.

My pulse spiked, and it wasn’t because of anger . . . it was because I wanted him.

“How?” I demanded, letting my glamour go to reveal my true self.

I tried to pull my wrists out of his grasp, but he was too strong. Kai trailed his lips down my neck and breathed me in.

“Because I can feel you whenever you’re near, Ella.” A low growl rumbled in his chest. “Fuck, I want you so bad, even when you’re trying to kill me.”

His words were exactly how I felt. “Iamgoing to kill you,” I hissed.

The stubble on his face felt so damn good as he moved his mouth further down my neck. “Not if I kill you first. Until then . . .” He trailed off and brought his face back to mine. “I have to have you.”

The second his lips touched mine, I lost all semblance of thought or reason. I wanted him, needed him. His darkness was seductive, like it flowed over every sensual part of my body, enticing me. I felt lost in the gray space between good and evil. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but it felt unbelievably right.

Kai separated my legs with his knee and rubbed his hardness against me, the friction so achingly provocative. He groaned into my mouth and held my wrists tighter. “Do you want me, Ella?”

The word “yes” escaped my lips before I could even stop myself.

Kai froze, his mouth just a breath away from mine. “That’s all I needed to know.”

It was as if the power in the room magnified tenfold. Every single place he touched on my body sent shockwaves through my core. He ripped off my sweater and I couldn’t get my pants and underwear off fast enough. His need was intoxicating; I was drunk off it. I’d never felt such raw passion before, and it was exhilarating.

Magic swirled around the room, mine mixed with his as our bodies drew closer. Growling, Kai lowered his head to my breasts, sucking my nipples feverishly, one after the other. He nipped my tender flesh and I hissed, but it felt so damn good. I wanted him to ravish me more.

Digging his fingers into my hips, he kissed his way down my stomach to between my legs. The second his tongue flicked my clit, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I lost control. My body trembled, the need for release growing stronger. Kai pushed his fingers inside me while sucking my clit, his pace a punishing welcome. His touch wasn’t soft, but I craved it. There was nothing gentle between enemies. Pulling his fingers out, he replaced them with his tongue, ravishing me. I let my orgasm take me and he held me to his face, tasting my desire as I rode wave after wave of my release.

My heart felt like it’d beat out of my chest, but I didn’t get a moment to breathe before Kai climbed up my body, settling himself between my legs. Wrapping them around his waist, I held him tight, ready to feel him inside of me. His lips claimed mine at the exact second he thrust into me.

I screamed into his mouth and he bit my lip, tangling his fingers in my hair. Every time he pushed into me, I countered with a roll of my hips. He stretched me, filling me to the point of pain. I couldn’t get enough.

Kai rolled onto his back, pulling me with him so I was now on top. I rode him hard, and even picked up the pace even harder when he gripped onto my waist, slamming me up and down his cock. Sitting up, he took my nipple into his mouth, his heated gray gaze on mine. My release came swiftly, and I could feel him growing harder as I screamed out my pleasure.

Quickly, he flipped me back onto my back again and thrust a few more times before pulling out, his cock pulsating against my stomach with his release. Leaning my head back against his pillow, it took a few minutes to catch my breath. When I did, reality hit me with a punch in the gut. Kissing the enemy was one thing, but I’d just committed the ultimate sin.

“Want to go again?” Kai asked, massaging my breast.

Before he could kiss me again, I used every ounce of strength I had and pushed him off. He rolled over onto his back but made no move to fight me.

“Are you fucking crazy?” I hissed, jumping off the bed and grabbing my dagger.

The bed was in disarray and Kai was in the middle of it all, his heated gaze raking down my body. I could sense his lust growing stronger. He started to get up and I didn’t trust myself to let him touch me again.

“This isn’t over,” I promised, hoping he could see the truth in my eyes.

He shook his head. “No, it’s not.”

As fast as I could, I picked up my clothes and opened a portal to my bedroom, jumping through it quickly. Once I was safe in my room, I could hear Merrick charge down the hall.

“Ella, is that you? Are you okay?”

It was a good thing my bedroom door was closed. The last thing Merrick needed to see was me standing naked in the middle of my room, holding my clothes and dagger.

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