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Where is he?

Squirrels raced overhead and shook loose a smattering of twigs and leaves to tangle in her hair. Glancing heavenward in dismay, Clara reached up to pluck away the foliage when her hand was caught by a stronger one that used its leverage to twirl her around.

Hugh stood before her, ruffled from his search through the forest—hair askew, shirt speckled with dirt—but it was the boyish delight on his face that fascinated her the most.

He looked years younger and exceedingly happy. Not that she would’ve described his usual demeanor as particularly somber, but an air of restraint always seemed to follow him. As if he knew the peerage constantly watched and waited for him to err, which of course, they did, considering his lofty title.

“I caught you,” Hugh rasped, a devilish grin spreading across his handsome features. “The question now is what to do with you. Your book continued into interesting territory, but let’s go off-page, shall we?”

Willing to go wherever he led, Clara nodded, her heart rate increasing in anticipation.

Hugh released her wrist and took a step back before motioning to her wrinkled skirt. “Show me my prize for catching you, little lamb.”

Unsure, her hands slowly bunched the cotton of her dress, drawing it upward and allowing a gentle breeze to wisp across her bare legs.

She’d never been bare in public before, though deep in a deserted forest hardly qualified as public, she supposed. Nevertheless, any rogue hunter could happen upon them and see her wanton display for the land’s earl.

“Higher… I want to see the glistening dew on your curls.” Hugh’s gaze bore into her. “I know my naughty girl enjoyed running from me, giving me chase. Know how wet it made you.”

He was right. Excitement pummeled through her blood, her heart and mind racing with eagerness for his next move. Her core clenching with an aching need only he could fulfill.

Obeying his command, Clara raised her skirt until it hovered just above her waist and widened her stance, leaning more heavily against the tree at her back. The slick parting of her folds reached her ears, and she blushed at the explicit sound of her sex. “Like this, my lord?” She reverted to his title, reveling in the differences of their station along with their significant age gap.

Hugh hummed in his throat and nodded before his fingers began working on the clasps of his trousers, though his eyes remained glued to the sight of her exposed core. “Just like… Now it’s my turn to reward you for your obedience. Have you ever seen a man’s cock, lamb?”


“Then we shall remedy such a thing forthwith.” His open trousers revealed a thick protrusion which Hugh reached in and pulled out, the thick girth surrounded by his large palm. “This is what I shall use to fill that tight cunt of yours.” He stroked the length, and Clara watched in fascination as a gleaming drop of seed appeared at the tip. “I haven’t quite decided if our first joining should be gentle as befits a virgin or rougher as befits the beguiling little minx you are… but I’m leaning towards the latter. Have you an opinion?”

“Whichever you prefer…” she said absent-mindedly, her attention riveted on the mesmerizing motion of Hugh’s large hand stroking his cock. Another glistening drop of seed eased from its mushroom head and unbidden Clara licked her lips, imagining what it’d taste like. She’d never had such wicked thoughts prior toHer Dark Earl, but after Hugh’s “dining” the evening before, Clara very much wanted to return the favor and taste the earl’s arousal.

“You can’t keep your eyes off my cock, can you?” Hugh taunted, working himself harder with harsh pulls, his breathing becoming more labored. “If you’re so curious, then kneel. I’ll give you what you want in spades.”

Clara quickly released her sweaty grip on her skirt and lowered to the spongy forest floor, fallen leaves cushioning her knees. Tentatively, her hands braced upon Hugh’s thighs as she stared up at him, awaiting instruction.

“Christ, you’re too good, little lamb. I seek to push your boundaries as a reprimand for derailing my plans, instead I can’t resist applauding your willingness to follow my lead. Open your mouth, love, and flatten your tongue. I’ll reward your good behavior with what you want.”

Clara tilted her head back and parted her lips, resting her tongue on her bottom lip, eager for the first taste of him. Young maidens didn’t wait eagerly for a man to fill her mouth with his cock. Respectable virgins didn’t feel the slick arousal slipping down their thighs at the thought of sucking a man’s thick length like a candy from the confectioner’s.

Clara understood this but couldn’t find a smidgeon of propriety to care.

Hugh shuffled forward until the mushroom head of his erection rested on her tongue, its heavy thickness spanning the width of her mouth. “I’m going to feed you my cock inch by inch, Clara. My thick seed will slide down that pretty throat of yours until you’re full, yet still I’ll continue pumping between your lips. You’ll beg me to stop, but I’ll know the truth. Your wanton little cunt needing to be filled instead.”

She couldn’t respond, but she prayed the approval in her eyes spoke loudly enough.Give it all to me, every bit.Clara wanted to experience every dark and depraved act he wished to bestow upon her. Needed it like air or water. It felt like the door thatHer Dark Earlhad opened—one of curiosity and desire—was being blasted through by Hugh. Her lusts flamed to a passion only he could satisfy. Her curiosity only able to be sated by him alone.

As if reading her consent, Hugh tapped his cock on her tongue once, twice, and the salty flavor of his seed heightened her thirst for more. Which he gladly gave, his cock gliding slowly forward until it butted against the back of her throat. Gagging at the unfamiliar intrusion, Clara’s eyes watered, and she forced her muscles to relax.

“That’s it, sweet girl. Relax…” Hugh held still, waited for her body to calm, before he withdrew and thrust again, slightly deeper this time. He continued in this fashion, each time pushing further and further until Clara accepted his thick length all the way, her lips brushing the curls nestled at the base.

Breathing through her nose, she feared embarrassing herself, unable to focus on one sensation long enough to figure out how to calm it. But Hugh’s free hand tugged on the back of her head, tilting it to a different angle, and oddly the brief pain recentered her.

“You’re doing so well, love. Such a good girl taking my cock so deep.” Hugh crooned even as she noted the lines of strain around his eyes and mouth.

He may act in control, unaffected by their circumstances, but he wasn’t. And the knowledge eased Clara in a way nothing else could.

Deciding to test his resolve, Clara’s hand slid higher to ease beneath his cock to cup the swinging stones below. Immediately, he jerked in response, a grunt of surprise rumbling from his chest. “Feeling brave, little lamb? Be careful what you start…”

His warning fell on deaf ears because Clara was determined to make him lose control. Her jaw ached, her throat sore from the quick thrusting of his cock, and while she reveled in the harsh sensations, she wanted what he’d promised her—a bellyful of his seed.

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