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“I thought this was a preliminary act of caution… but it feels good, too.” Clara ground herself a little harder into him, the bud of her sex dragging across the tip of his cock. Shadows darkened her features as evening finally set in, and the lack of light heightened other sensations—like the slick slide of their bodies, the quick inhales Clara made everytime she grazed her clit.

It raised Hugh’s desire to a fever pitch, though he tried to remain a calm participant while Clara explored. He’d grant her this respite from his animal lusts, especially after this afternoon’s session in the woods. He wasn’t an unfeeling man, after all.

Despite the dominance she brought forth in him—the craving to possess and own her—he recognized how very young and innocent Clara still was. How she required a bit of freedom to explore her sensuality before Hugh took over and forced her into submitting to whatever he desired.

“It’s supposed to feel good. Every touch between us should serve to increase our pleasure, not be a poor substitute before consummation.”

“I’m beginning to understand that now…” she drawled, her body falling forward, hands bracing on his rigid abdomen. “I think I can… come… just like this.” The breathy admission caused a spurt of pre-cum to spill out, adding to the sticky mess of their joining.

“You can, but wouldn’t you rather come with my cock filling you up? Stretching your walls and giving that sweet pussy something to hold onto? Don’t you feel empty without me?”

“Yes…” Clara moaned.

“Grab one of the sheathes you brought from the dresser.” She hastily leapt off the bed to find the contraceptive before returning to her previous position. “Now pinch it between your fingers like this…” He demonstrated for her with his own hand. “Then roll it over the tip and down my length. Once you’re finished, we can resume your riding lesson.”

Clara followed his instructions perfectly, as if she’d completed the task dozens of times in her life instead of this being her first. With his cock sheathed, she shuffled backward until the head of his cock met the entrance of her pussy. He wondered if she’d need his help to continue, if her nerve would fail in the wake of reality, but he should’ve known better. His little lamb was made of sterner stuff than the average young miss.

Clara paused for only a moment before allowing herself to sink onto his cock, her nails digging into his skin with each inch swallowed.

"That's it. You're doing so well. Tell me how it feels to be stuffed with cock."

"It burns. The stretch, the heat. I feel so full." She whimpered as her silky walls tightened around him experimentally. For his part, he'd never felt something as divine as Clara's wet cunt sheathing him.

A shock for a man of his age and experience.



Leaning further towards him, Clara sought Hugh's lips for reassurance, her body desperate to be connected to his in all ways. Their tongues dueled in a fiery dance while her hips rolled languorously forward, a contrast of possession.

“Who’s kissed you? You’re no novice. I knew that from our first kiss on the balcony at the Taft party.” Hugh pulled back far enough to nip her lips.

“A lady never tells,”she evaded, detecting a note of jealousy in his voice and reveling in the notion. No one had ever been jealous over her before. It may be barbaric or uncouth, but she rather liked the idea of Hugh envying the former men in her life. Not that there were many.

“You weren't a lady this morning while sucking my cock.”

Fair point.

Wondering what he’d do with the knowledge, she gave him what he wanted. “Lord Jeffrey Collins and Mr. Joseph Lewis.”

"Boys…" he scoffed, his mouth trailing down her neck to her breasts. “Tell me how it happened. I assume your errant chaperone is to blame again. That woman should be fired.”

Clara held back a disagreeing comment. If not for her lazy chaperone, they wouldn’t have been able to arrange this liaison. She wouldn’t be atop a man twice her age, his cock filling her to the brim while discussing her past experiences.

“They were on separate occasions. I hope you would already assume such a thing, but just to make everything crystal clear.” Clara didn’t mind him thinking her wanton when it came to him, but she wasn’t exactly dallying about thetontossing her favors around. Hugh nodded before dipping his head again and beginning to suckle a taut nipple.

Shuddering at the onslaught of sensations, his cock rocking inside her pussy, his cheeks hollowing as he sucked her sensitive skin, Clara tried to focus on answering him. “Lord Collins and I had a chaste peck on the lips at Mrs. Young’s luncheon last year. Mr. Lewis, however… He was quite the tutor.”

“Oh?” The growled syllable followed a nip to her breast, and she squeaked at the slight pain. Of course, it wasn’t enough to stop her from pushing Hugh’s jealousy further.

“Oh, yes. Mr. Lewis was very educational after finding me alone in Lady Hartford’s gardens. He even cupped me here.” She brought a hand up to cover her right breast and squeezed the overflowing flesh.

“You let him touch you?” All of a sudden Clara found herself on her back with Hugh hovering above her, an earl turned beast at her taunting. “You truly are a minx… Letting other men caress you. Teasing me with the details. Did you want to raise my ire, little lamb? Do you want your wolf savage?”

“Perhaps I do.” Clara wasn’t afraid of Hugh. Everything done so far she adored, even the harsh slamming of his cock in her throat. A roughness she felt between her legs as he began to burrow deeper inside her, leaving behind her gentle pace in favor of a brutal one of ownership.

“Then spread these thick thighs wider. Make room for your wolf because I’m going to fuck this tight cunt until you’re screaming my name, begging to come. And I’ll give it to you, lamb. I’ll give you your pleasure, but not just the once. I’ve been patient with you—allowing you time to recover from our forays into sex. But no longer. I told you that this week you’re mine to do with as I please, and it starts now.”

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